Listy Friday

Hello Friday! I’d say that I’ve been looking forward to you, but since I’ve been enjoying a “staycation” this week, you’re just another day off!

I’ve been keeping pretty busy, so I’m going to throw together a list of randomness …

– Tomorrow Kyle and I are going to a wedding. A good work friend/carpool mate of his is getting married and we were lucky enough to be invited. We’re both really looking forward to it!

– For this wedding, I have to take Kyle shopping for a new dress shirt/tie combo. I’m hoping to be able to find him a couple shirts and ties since we’re also going to a wedding in August as well that requires semi-formal/cocktail wear.

– I can’t believe my week of being off work is almost over! I think I should get three extra days off since they called me three times to ask me work-related questions.

– Kyle and I went golfing on Wednesday and I actually did pretty well all things considered! I definitely couldn’t have walked the 9-hole course, but with the power cart it wasn’t bad. I didn’t start to really feel it until afterwards, and then by the end of the night I could barely move my hips. Perhaps I was swinging my golf clubs a little too aggressively, who knows. I did get a lot of odd looks from people who noticed that a pregnant woman was golfing, lol

– Kyle and I also went and watched a movie Wednesday night, which was nice. We’ve really been trying to get a lot of “date nights” in since we soon won’t have as much time to ourselves anymore. We watched Safe starring Jason Statham (swoon!) and it was good! It wasn’t “OMG AMAZING” good, but it was a decent action-packed movie.

– ANNNNND on Wednesday the glider and ottoman that Kyle and ordered for me/the baby’s room arrived at Sears! We went and picked it up after we were finished golfing and it’s sooo amazing! I can’t want to rock in it with the baby :) I got Kyle to spray it with fabric protector so it wouldn’t stain as easily too. I figured it would be a smart thing to do!

– I currently have a homemade apple pie sitting on my counter and I really want a slice, with some vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, I have run out of ice cream and have no desire to put a bra on and go buy any. This is an problem.

– I think that’s about it. Apparently I’m not that exciting after all.

– Kyle just went out and got me ice cream for my pie. Best husband ever? I think so :)

– Oh, May the Fourth be with you ;)

How was your week? What are you weekend plans?

One thought on “Listy Friday

  1. Sounds like a great week off! It’s nice you guys could take some time off together and fit in some date nights before the baby comes! Love your glider!



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