Ten on Tuesday

1. Who is your favourite talk show host?
I’m not so sure that I have one. I don’t watch a lot of daytime television, so I don’t have a favourite daytime talks show host. I do enjoy watching Craig Ferguson though, but he’s on at night.

2. How do you style your hair on a daily basis?
Usually I just blow-dry it. Sometimes if I’m feeling really rushed I’ll throw it in a ponytail. I’m boring that way!

3. If you were stuck in your bedroom for a week, what would you need in order to not go crazy?
A couple books maybe? We have a TV in our room, so I think between that and a couple books I’d survive a week!

4. What are the best non-reality shows on television?
Right now the non-reality shows I’m watching are: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Big Bang Theory, Justified, and Glee. I also watch The Walking Dead and Rookie Blue when they’re “in season”.

5. Do you mow your own lawn and clean your own house?
I don’t mow the lawn! I think I’ve maybe done it once in my life? It’s Kyle’s chore, lol. I do clean my own house though, I can’t justify paying someone to clean it just yet.

6. As an adult, what is the best part of summer?
Barbecuing! I love barbecuing because there’s no messy pots or pans to clean up afterwards.

7. If you could ask one celebrity one question, who and what would you ask?
This seems to be a question that pops up a lot and really, I have no idea who and what I would ask! It’s tough to pick just ONE celebrity and then find the right question to ask!

8. Post a picture.

Me before heading out to a wedding on the weekend!

9. How many books do you read a year?
I’ve never actually kept track of how many books I’m read in a year. Maybe I should start? I’d say about a dozen or so.

10. Which national chain makes the best delivery pizza?
We recently got a Papa John’s in Kamloops and their pizza is AMAZING. I think it’s the sauce? Regardless, right now they’re my favourite.


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