Listy Friday

I have plans to throw together a decent blog post last night, but then I decided to be lazy. So now you get a hap-hazard list of randomness, in true Friday fashion.

  • Pregnancy has left me craving way more ice cream than usual. The cookies and cream ice cream in my freezer is almost gone. So what does my darling husband do? Goes out to the store to buy me some! And not just one measly carton of ice cream – he brings back a good variety! I got chocolate drumsticks, strawberry sundae ice cream and Toll House cookie dough ice cream. Needless to say, I am a happy girl! Best Husband of the Year Award? Kyle is definitely a contender. Oh, and photo proof of my happiness:
  • Next weekend my little brother is moving to Vancouver to start digital art & design school. It’s silly how much I think I’ll actually miss him! Our relationship has certainly changed now that we’re both adults, and it’s a a good thing. We seem to communicate a bit better and a lot more! Hopefully he visits when he can. I know he hopes to come visit when the baby arrives, which is around his 23rd birthday! Actually, Baby is due three days after his birthday. He really doesn’t want the baby to come on this birthday, claiming that it’s HIS day, lol. I tell him I’m going to have the baby then just to spite him ;)
  • Next Friday Kyle, Daphne (yes, Daphne) and I are going to meet our potential new pup! He’s so cute and adorable, I really hope everything goes well! Fingers crossed!
  • I hate tax season. Seriously. Last year I got screwed and had to pay about $1,200 back to the government. I have a feeling this year won’t be any  better. Oh, and the place that did our taxes last year also screwed up Kyle’s return, and he had to pay back $200 as well. This year we’re going to an accountant, so hopefully we can figure something out that works. If not, I’ll have to have a serious conversation with payroll at work to take more tax $ off my paychecks.
  • If you’re bored and want to draw horribly unartistic drawings with me, play Draw Something with me! My username is KaraEvs!
  • My grandma is doing a lot better these days. She’s still not 100%, no where near, but she’s so. much. better. It’s going to be a really long road, but we’re all hopeful. I really want to thank everyone for their well wishes! It means a lot.
  • I hope everyone has an awesometastic weekend!

What are your weekend plans??

2 thoughts on “Listy Friday

  1. I craved ice cream all the time in my last months of pregnancy – now I can’t stand it! Topher doesn’t really like it either. My weekend plans involve cleaning our balcony, planting geraniums with Topher, and hopefully sleeping in. I figure if I ignore the time change on Sunday – everyone else should too, right? :)


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