Seven Quick Takes


Valentine’s Day is next week and I could care less about it. Kyle and I usually don’t do anything special for it, so it’s not a “big deal” holiday to me. You better believe I’ll be getting nauseous reading everyone’s “Aww, my man bought me flowers/a teddy/a mushy card” posts on Facebook. Perhaps I’m just not the die-hard romantic like some people are. I will say that Kyle and I will be going to my monthly doctor appointment together. I think hearing our baby’s heart beat will make for a pretty decent day. :)


I’ve started a baby registry and have a total of 6 things in it. It doesn’t help that the website is being lame, but what one earth do I add to it? So far I have a Bumbo chair and the tray, a baby monitor, a baby bath, a glider/ottoman and a wipes warmer. Borrrr-ing. Any suggestions on what I should ask for?


Speaking of baby stuff – one of Kyle’s coworkers is a father to a daughter who has grown out of a TON of baby stuff – clothes, toys, stroller, etc., and wants to give it all away to us! I’m in awe of his generosity and can’t wait to sift through all the goodies when it arrives. Anything I don’t need or want I’ll donate to someone in need or to charity.


Kyle and I were supposed to head to Vancouver tomorrow for the day to meet a dog we were interested in adopting. As it turns out, he unfortunately showed some behaviour on the weekend that made him not as great a match as he originally sounded like, so we’re no longer making the trip. We’re a little bummed, but we’re glad the doggy adoption agency is looking out for both our and the dog’s best interest. There are some dogs that will be available in about a month’s time, so I’ll keep you posted on what goes down. I’m still not 100% ready to share all the details behind why we’re choosing to adopt or what kind of dog we’re adopting. I’ll save that post once we do adopt!


Kyle’s birthday is at the end of the month and I told him that I’d make him a vanilla cake. Newsflash: I’ve never actually made a vanilla cake from scratch before, I’ve only ever made chocolate cakes! So – if anyone has a vanilla cake recipe that makes a mean, delicious and rich/flavourful cake – please send me the recipe or link!! No worries about icing recipes – I’m a vanilla icing making champ! All this also reminds me that I have to actually go out and buy some cake pans, since I apparently don’t have any. What?


Last summer, when I quit Job #2, I left behind a measly pension. Last month I got a letter in the mail saying that I had two options: to either wait and receive about $30/mth when I retire or to get a nice payout in 4-6 weeks. Guess which option I took? If you’re not into guessing: PAYOUT! Yay! It’s like free money that was mine to begin with. So now, I’m crib shopping! SO EXCITING! Toys R’ Us actually just sent a flyer out that has a gorgeous crib and dresser for sale, so I’m thinking I’m going to go buy it. *squeee*


I suppose I can announce that our baby girl is going to be known on my blog as Baby I. (That’s an I, as in ice, igloo, iguana. Not an L or 1.) Now you can start guessing what we’ve picked for a name! (Not that I’m going to tell you anyway ;))

4 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding, I recommend getting a breastfeeding pillow. My nanny family had theirs out when Baby E was little, and I used it for everything. It’s perfect for saving your tired/sore arms. I wouldn’t have survived without it!


  2. Nathan and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day either – we usually plan something fancy in April around the time of our dating anniversary instead. Registry ideas – we got Topher a play mat with a mobile that played music when he was a couple of months old – he got a lot of use out of it. He actually dug it out a couple of days ago to play with again! We also got a Snuggi (?) baby carrier that was pretty sweet when Topher was fussy and I needed to be doing something with my hands. White noise machines/music players are good … Topher has an aquarium that attaches to the side of his crib that we play for about 20 minutes when he’s trying to fall asleep. And I second the breastfeeding pillow idea – they’re amazing :D



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