Random Photo Post

I’m bored. Kyle’s watching Gold Rush on TV and I’m not a fan, so I’m getting posts ready to go for this week.

I just thought I’d throw in a random Sunday update with a couple photos I’ve taken recently.

First, a photo of the “view” behind my house last week. It’s been SUPER foggy lately and while the sun tries its hardest to break through all the cloud, it rarely succeeded before I had to go to work in the afternoon. I was letting Daphne out for her morning tinkle time and noticed eerie yet pretty the sun looked through the fog. It was taken in manual mode at 1/3200 sec. and f/20:


This photo I actually took this morning after I had Kyle take my weekly baby bump photo. Who doesn’t like taking photos of their pets? Anyway, I was using a gum wrapper as “bait” (she LOOVES mint!) to get Daphne to sit still, and just as I clicked the shutter she licked her lips. The camera was in full-auto mode, but I think the end result is quite amusing:


That’s it for today! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Random Photo Post

  1. HAHA, I do the same thing with my dog. I have to hold a treat above the camera for her to even look at the camera.

    I’ve never knew any dog that liked mint before. I wonder what she loves about mint…I’m curious to know. LOL



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