Library Finds

I am a self-proclaimed lover of books. I love reading them. (Who doesn’t?) I also love buying them. In fact, I spend way too much money on them.

Kyle has been suggesting to be for a while to go to the library and check out books that I wouldn’t mind reading but don’t necessarily want to buy. Really, he’s brilliant, but I rarely listen to him. He figures I shouldn’t be paying for a book that is “OK” but I bought anyway and read in three days. He’s right. (Don’t tell him I’m actually agreeing with him!)

Our library system is quite fantastic in that you don’t have to pay for a membership. It’s run by the government, so it’s a tax-payer perk I guess! I used to take books out all the time when I was little, until I became too “cool” to read in my spare time. Now I’m addicted again and have spent way too much money on books. Bookstore gift cards are always in my Top 3 birthday and Christmas requests!

Anyway, after browsing newer titles at the local library online, I finally decided that I’d go ahead and check some books out. They were already checked out, so I put a “hold” request on them. Luckily, they both became available within a day of each other, so I was able to pick them up at the same time!

So what books did I check-out? I thought you’d never ask!

Bossypants by Tina Fey and Room by Emma Donoghue!

I’ve heard nothing about wonderful things about Bossypants and since I’m not a huuuge biography fan I figured it would make a good library find! I’m already half-way through it and I’m loving it so far. It’s quite amusing, which is what I expected from Tina Fey! I’ve also read decent reviews on Room, so I thought I’d check it out too. If I don’t like it – no worries! It’s not like I paid money for it!

I get the books for about 4 weeks which should be plenty of time to read them both! Expect reviews in the future!

Do you check-out books from your local library? Do buy books more than you check them out from the library?
What’s the best “find” you’ve had at your library?


7 thoughts on “Library Finds

  1. I do both check out from library and I buy. When I buy I have a job, when I do’t I usually go to the library. Both books you got are not one’s I enjoyed – the ROOM is horrible and written in dialogue I just don’t like.


  2. I’m ALWAYS at the library, I check out books all the time. Our system has a great hold system, so I usually don’t browse. I go straight to where my holds are and I’m in and out.

    I’ve never heard of a library that isn’t provided by the taxpayers. I would hate to have to pay for a membership!


  3. We have to pay for a library card here. It’s only $12/year, but the thought of other people getting free memberships elsewhere isn’t fair! I definitely use my card enough to make up for the price though. Since one of the kids that I nanny lives within walking distance of a library, we spend quite a bit of time there!


    • LOL – I had one growing up but threw it away a few years ago. (The TNRD cards are good for life!). I got a new one about a year ago to get a book for Kyle to figure out something that was wrong with my car but haven’t checked anything out for myself in a long time!


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