Blue, Black and Green

No, I’m not talking about bruises. I wish I were. I’m talking about the worst sinkin’ paint palette I’ve never seen in person. And the great thing? It’s in my house. Well, it was.

Last Saturday my mom and I tackled the World’s Most Headache Inducing Room, a.k.a. My Future Baby’s Room.

I present to you, the “Before” photos:

See what I mean by “Headache Inducing”? Green, black, and blue, plus the original brown/tan in the closet. I don’t know what on earth the previous owners were thinking, but I think they gave their kids a little TOO much creative freedom in picking the colours of their rooms! And that black stripe? It’s magnetic. Ugh.

My mom came over around 10:30 a.m. to help me paint, which really turned into me helping HER paint since she made me “take it easy” since I’m pregnant and all. (For the record: It’s safe for me to paint as long as I use latex-based paint and take breaks if I feel light-headed and whatnot. Believe me when I say I’ve been nagged to death on this one.)

After about 6 hours of painting, including a break for lunch and a trip to the paint store for more primer and painter’s tape, we/my mom were finished!

Ta da! Glorious isn’t it? What a change! It only took about 2 coats of primer, plus another extra coat on the green sections, but it’s all covered up and ready for me to paint it whatever colours I choose! It’s going to go from a four-colour room to a two-colour room, that’s for sure.

You can still feel where the black stripe is because it’s some sort of weird textured stick-on thing that was painted black, so I’m going to just paint that a different colour to accent the rest of the room. Trying to remove it will probably result it destroying the drywall, and that’s a whole new bag of expenses I just don’t want to touch.

I really can’t thank my mom enough for all her help too. She really rocked it out hard! Kyle and I owe her big time – perhaps a box of wine is in order, or at least her favourite bottle of white.

What’s the most atrocious colour you’ve had to paint over? 

5 thoughts on “Blue, Black and Green

  1. I guess this is what you call the nesting period? I’m kidding. Well, I think the room is beautiful either way, but it was a good choice that you picked more muted colors. It’s beautiful. You and your mom did a wonderful job!


    • I actually haven’t decided on what colours we’re going to paint the room – the white is just the primer to help cover up the nasty green & blue. I’m waiting until I know what I’m having before I decide!


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