Seven Quick Takes

1. Wednesday night after Kyle and I went and seen a movie I needed to get gas for my car.  We pulled up to the pump, I turned my engine off (as you’re suppose to), and Kyle pumped my gas. When I went to start my engine to leave, my car wouldn’t start. WHAAA? It was dead. D-E-A-D. Dead. In -20 C weather! So, after calling the MIL and driving up and down the hill to our house (once to go get the jumper cables and again because we forgot the garage clicker to get into our house), Kyle got my car started and home. And now? She  starts just fine again. FML. I hate my car.

2. Kyle and I are in Phase 3 of our doggy adoption process! I haven’t blogged about it because I don’t want to jinx our chances, but we’re planning a day-trip to Vancouver to meet the dog we want to adopt. Daphne gets to come with us, so it will be an interesting road trip!

3. It seems that just because I say “day trip to Vancouver” people think it means, “day trip to visit people!” Umm, no. You don’t plan two 4-hour trips in one day to visit people – you do it because you have a damn important thing to do! I hate to say no to visiting, but I just don’t have the time. Plus, with Kyle and Daphne with me it’s not fair to drag them all over the place. One day I’ll get my travel on and visit people! Maybe in the spring when the roads are ridiculous.

4. A co-worker has a loon ringtone and it’s really throwing me off at work. Nothing like the wilderness inside to make you confused.

5. I have a feeling that Monday’s Pregnancy Update post is going to make some people mad, not that I really care all that much. Really, I’m just trying to set the rules for myself. I swear I’m not a stone-cold hater of all things. We’ll see how it goes I guess!

6. I’m really thankful that my favourite shows are back on TV. Nothing like Mind Rot to make an evening just lovely!

7. I still have no idea what colours to paint my baby room. I’ll probably change my mind a thousand times before I get ready to actually paint. Several more trips to the paint store are probably going to happen, as well as several more hours staring at the “wall of paint swatches.” Who would’ve thought picking colours would be so hard?! My brain hurts just thinking about it.

Happy Friday everyone! What are your weekend plans?

2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. One of my co-workers has a ringtone that sounds like a mosquito buzzing. It drives me NUTS! We almost painted Topher’s room orange but found it really hard to find bedding and other accessories that would match. In the end – we didn’t bother painting. His room is green, like every other wall in our condo!



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