Seven Quick Takes

1. We had company come over last weekend to stay the night and unbeknownst to me, one of them had a nasty cold. Come Wednesday morning, Kyle and I both had sore throats, the sniffles, and felt like garbage. Curses! At least we’re sick at the same time, which means we’re less likely to pass the germs back and forth, right? That’s the way I’m going to look at it anyway.

2. I have an awesome (in my opinion) blog post scheduled for Monday but I’m thinking I’m going to bump it up to Sunday morning. *insert suspenseful music here* I’m excited!

3. My co-worker’s 2 year old scared the crap out of me Wednesday. I was walking out of the bathroom at work and into the hallway back to my desk and I just hear this tiny little squeak of a voice and probably jumped a mile. I even almost told him he scared the crap out of me, but I don’t think his mom would’ve appreciated it if he learned how to say the word “crap” and repeated it. Actually, I have no idea how old kids are when they start repeating everything they hear, but it doesn’t hurt not to cuss. I don’t even like cussing in front of babies.

4. While I love the look and smell of my real Christmas tree, I hate how the needles get EVERYWHERE. Seriously – it’s a pain in the ass! I don’t think I could ever buy a fake Christmas tree though. Never! Next Christmas I want to go out to the “woods” and find my own tree the old-fashioned way! Hot chocolate? S’mores? Toboggan rides? Hell yes!

5. There’s a charity Christmas bake sale at work next week but I haven’t decided if I want to bake or not. My Christmas baking skills are limited, but my mom makes an awesome snickerdoodle, so maybe I’ll borrow her recipe from her. I baked raisin cookies on Wednesday for Kyle and burnt the first batch because my oven is ridiculously hot.

6. Kyle has to work New Year’s Eve/Day and I have no idea what to do with myself. Invite friends over? Go out? Be a hermit and hide in my house? Go to bed by 10 p.m.? The sky’s the limit for me!

7. The way our new house is set up computer-wise has me spending less time on the computer, which is a good thing! My laptop now sits in the kitchen, which is super convenient for when I’m cooking/baking with recipes online. I used to just sit in front of the TV and “watch” it while being on the computer at the same time. Now, I do less of it! It’s refreshing to be offline more. And – I no longer keep my cellphone by my bed. It stays in the kitchen as well by the landline phone. I have no need for it by my bed since I have a regular alarm clock and I’m way too addicted to social media. Baby steps!

Have you caught a “winter” cold yet? What remedies do you go-to?
Any suggestions on what kind of cookies I should bake?
Do you have New Year’s Eve plans yet?
Do you keep your cellphone by your bed? 

That’s it! Happy Friday!!

2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. No winter colds here! I’m actually super surprised since so many of my students and fellow teachers have already been sick this year. I have been popping Vitamin C pills like nobody’s business though.

    My favorite cookies to bake are peanut butter cookies with peanut butter cups in the middle. SO good.

    Our New Year’s Eve plans are really low-key this year. We plan to have a couple of our friends over and just hang out. I hope you can enjoy the night even though your husband has to work!

    And I keep my cell phone by my bed, but only because I use it for my alarm. I have a real alarm clock, but I never use it so I don’t have to get out of bed when it goes off!



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