The First Three Months

So – unless you got the password and read this post (which is now open for everyone to read), Kyle and I have some exciting news!

We’re having a baby!!!(!!!)!!!

Long story short, we started trying back in July, and we are SO lucky that we didn’t have to try for very long. Sometime in September we were successful, and I’m due on June 25, 2012!

It’s so unbelievably hard not to be whiny on Facebook and Twitter during the first three months of pregnancy. There were several times where I wanted to say “Screw it” to the whole “wait until you’re past your first trimester” rule to announcing your pregnancy. The first three months were haaaaaard people! And yeah, I know I’m not quite past my first trimester yet, but when I am finally 14 weeks along, it would be Christmas day, and that’s just too cheesy for me.

I was lucky enough not to have pukey morning sickness, which I’m soooo greatful for because I can’t handle throwing up. Worst feeling in the world, I tell yah! Really the first thing I noticed that made my stomach turn was coffee, which happened only a couple weeks after my assumed conception date. Laaaame. Then, meat decided to make me want to gag, and then peppers (red, green, etc.) There were days where I would stare at my plate and not want to eat because the sight of food made me feel sick. Awful, I know. I ended up buying Boost just so my body could get some actual nutrients because all I could stomach were carbs (glorious carbs!).

So, allow me to transition into my pregnancy update posts with a “before” photo – really, a photo taken a couple days after Kyle and I found out we were expecting:

4 Weeks, 5 days

And now?

Not too much of a change, but there is a little tiny bump that isn’t just my normal roll of belly flub. I meant to wear the same top and pants for all the photos, but those jeans are getting to be uncomfortable.

I’ve borrowed the following Q&A from Holly over at Scattered Words. She did this series when she was expecting her adorable little Topher, and who doesn’t like an easy, peasy Q&A?!

How far along? 12 Weeks!

How big is baby? About 2 inches, or the size of a lime, according to

Total weight gain/loss: I had actually lost about 4 pounds because I couldn’t eat food like I could pre-pregnancy. Everything just made my stomach queasy, especially meat! We don’t own a bathroom scale, so I’m not sure if I’ve gained anything significant since I last checked.

Maternity Clothes? None yet, but my pants are slowly starting to feel a little snug, and some of my shirts show off the little bit of a bump that I have. I hope to hold off on maternity clothes shopping for as long as possible!

Stretch marks? None, but I fearfully anticipate them eventually. Although my mom never got them, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Sleep: Since I already have a stupid-weak bladder, I find I’m getting up even MORE in the middle of the night to use the washroom. Other than that, I’m sleeping just fine but again, I anticipate that will change in a hurry.

Movement: Nothing yet!

Food cravings: Nothing out of the normal, although I’ve been leaning more towards spicy foods in the past couple weeks.

What I miss: Caesar’s with actual booze in them! Luckily, they taste almost as good with no vodka in them. Also, for almost two months I couldn’t drink coffee because it made me feel so sick, but luckily, I can drink it again. (Only a cup a day though!) Thank goodness, because the withdraw headaches were getting ridiculous!

What I am looking forward to: Having an actual bump and not just looking bloated!

Milestones: I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat at my first doctor appointment at 10 weeks, 2 days! It was the most amazing thing ever! And – the doctor says there’s only one baby in there – no twins, which is great because they run in my family. (Although it skips a generation, lucky me!)

That’s it for now! I have my next doctor’s appointment on Tuesday next week, and Kyle will be joining me for this one! I’m hoping he’ll let Kyle listen to the heartbeat since he missed it the first time around!

So there you go! My big announcement! (And the toughest secret I’ve had to keep!)

10 thoughts on “The First Three Months

  1. Congrats again :) I hated wearing maternity clothes so when my jeans got snug I just bought the same pair a size or two bigger. When that got to be too expensive, Nathan made me buy actual maternity jeans – which were surprsingly comfortable! I might bring them back for Christmas this year so I can eat more turkey :D


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