Things are a-changin’ around the Evans’ household, and Isla is getting a big promotion come June 2015:


Baby Evans #2 is due June 24, 2015, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The Cashew at 8 weeks

The Cashew at 8 weeks


Baby Essentials

Yeah, I know Isla is over a year old already and I’m just getting to this now. Horrible, I know.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite baby items that I’ve either been gifted or bought personally since Isla came around.

My Spooner Sisters Designs Diaper Tote

Image courtesy of Spooner Sisters Design!

Image courtesy of Spooner Sisters Design!

When Isla stopped pooping/spitting up/needing 100 things on trips to the store or wherever, I desperately needed something more compact and lightweight for outings with Isla. (Because surprise poops and heavy tinkles still happen!) I wanted something that I could toss a couple diapers, baby wipes and bum cream into that could act as a portable change station as well. I came across Spooner Sister Designs (who are based right out of Kamloops) and asked if this was something they could design as it wasn’t on their site at the time. Lucky for me, they were just in the process of making a couple prototypes and would be making them to sell soon! I waited, and as soon as they were available, I bought one. I love my diaper tote – It fits a “to-go” wipes container, two diapers and a little tube of bum cream perfectly, and I just leave it in the car for when I need it. So much easier than my big, bulky diaper bag!

The Pacifier “leash”

From Jake Tally’s Etsy Shop

Isla was really good at spitting out her soothers all over the floor, so I needed something that would clip onto whatever she was wearing so it wouldn’t get dirty. I was given a pair of leashes during Isla’s shower, but they were big and bulky. I found Jake Tally’s Etsy shop and was impressed by the patterns and the style of leash Jenn makes, so I ordered one! It’s small but the soother was super secure in place with the snap, and the clip attached easier and securely to everything – Sleepers, onesies, the car seat – Whatever! And, Isla knows that her soother is at the end of it, so if she spits it out and wakes up looking for it, she grabs the fabric of the leash and find her soother all on her own. No more lost or dirty soothers!

The Medela Calma


Back in March I had an MRI and couldn’t nurse Isla for 24 hours afterwards, so I had to get her “trained” to take a bottle. I tried various nipples with various flows and none of them compared to nursing straight from the twins. After asking a mom support/swap group I belong to on Facebook, many of them recommended the Medela Calma. It’s not cheap, but it worked! Isla took to the bottle after one try and just like that, my boobs were free and the stress of the upcoming MRI had disappeared. I was really skeptical of the design of the nipple, but there’s something about the shape, along with the vacuum system that the Calma uses that works wonders. I was also able to, after my 24 hours of post-MRI no nursing was over, go back and forth between nursing and bottle feeding with no issues.

Really, that’s about it. I didn’t do video baby monitors, breath/motion detectors, wraps or slings. I actually have a wrap, but didn’t like it. Everything else I have baby gear-wise is pretty standard.

What are/were your must-have items?

The Truth About Timelines

Today I have a special guest post by Stephany from Stephany Writes. She’s on a mission to write 50 guest posts in 2013 and I was more that happy to offer up a guest-spot on my blog for her! She’s one of my favourite bloggers and you can always count on her for meaningful, intriguing and thought-provoking posts!
I had originally suggested she write about her thoughts on having kids, which she did in a way, but it turned into something a little more. (And I love it!) So sit back and enjoy, and thanks Stephany for the wonderful post!


I never questioned whether or not I wanted to have kids.

I grew up in suburbia, where weekends were spent playing outside with neighborhood friends, having cookouts on holidays, and getting as dirty as possible. My brother played soccer, so many nights and Saturdays were spent at the soccer field.

In this world, it wasn’t a question of whether or not you were going to have children. It was a matter of when.

I had a timeline.

Married at twenty-five. (I wanted to give myself time to graduate college and all that.)

First baby within three years of marriage. Second, third, and possibly fourth following behind.

(Yes. I wanted four kids. This was when I was young and clueless.)

Well, I’m sorry twelve-year-old Stephany, but you are now twenty-five and that timeline is moot. Because you are single and have no prospects for marriage lining up. 

It’s funny the timelines we give ourselves. I had no idea I would be twenty-three when I graduated college. I had no idea I would still be single and living with my mom. I had specific plans, but life tends to get in the way of all our plans.

And though I am not living the life I thought I would be living at twenty-five, I still realize I have a good life. I could wish I had a husband and family by now, but I’ve learned to be okay with what I’ve been given, grateful for any opportunities, and present. Being present in the life I have now, not wishing for something that I might not even want in the first place.

I do want to be married. I do want to be a mother. Those are two “little girl” wishes that have never left my heart. (Even when I spent one year co-teaching in a room of 20 two-year-olds. Best form of birth control? Maybe.)

But it’s not the end all, be all for me anymore. I’ve thrown away my timeline. It’s not as important as living in the moment. I need to embrace this time in my life – in my twenties, single, and with the entire world open for me. There are endless possibilities for me. I can go wherever I want, take any adventure I choose to. While I’m not saying my life ends when I get married and all the adventure dissipates, I’m also realizing I need to embrace the freedom I have now. Take a solo vacation. Live by myself. Treat myself when I want. Enjoy every moment. See old friends. Make new friends. Flirt. Go on blind dates. Choose adventure.

People are always going to tell you how you should live your life. No matter what stage of life you are in, people think they have the magic answer that will make your life worth living – even when you think you have a pretty decent life. Don’t buy into the “should be doing”‘s. Live your truth. Embrace your moments. And remember that a timeline is just a guide – it doesn’t have to rule your life.

resizedheadshotStephany is a twenty-something young professional living in Florida. On her blog, you will find stories about her life, details about her health and faith struggles, book reviews, and ponderings of the future. She love dachshunds, football, carbs, cruises, and stepping out of her comfort zone.