A tour, a tour!

I finally have for your creepin’ convenience, photos of our new house! I went with a slideshow instead of a video tour, only because it’s easier in a way. That, and I hate listening to the sound of my voice.

So, of you’re reading this in a reader, you may want to click on through to my actual blog page to view the pictures, because I’m pretty sure the slideshow won’t show up in readers.


I shall explain that I didn’t take pictures of bathrooms because really, unless it’s AMAZING, a bathroom is a bathroom. I have three FULL bathrooms, so that means three toilets, three sinks, and three full bath tubs to clean. Lucky me!

And what on Earth are we going to do with that awful green, black and blue room? The black “magnetic” stripe is textured almost like a chalkboard and is noticeably raised from the rest of the wall. If we can’t get rid of it completely, we’re going to paint it a different colour (which will probably take 3 or 4 coats of paint!) and then paint the rest of the walls a solid colour. Not too sure what colour yet, but I’ll figure it out soon enough!

The bedrooms also all have gorgeous crown molding in them which makes them feel amazing. I just love lying in bed and staring at it!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! We’re finally settled right in :)

Any colour combo suggestions for that awful striped room?

4 thoughts on “A tour, a tour!

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