Oh em gee, my weekend seems like it was crazy busy, even though it probably was a snore to most of you. Probably because I have just been so exhausted lately, so everything takes that much more effort. Hell, life in general seems to be crazy busy lately.

Work has been crazy busy with municipal election stuff, and there’s a big ass spelling bee coming up in the new year that I’ve been busy with as one of the organizers.

And then there’s life – moving, packing, renting, living – whew!

We found a renter for our townhouse in an amazing THREE DAYS. Neither Kyle or I thought we would find someone that quickly, despite when everyone told us. (“No problem, you’ll rent it out easy peasy!”) I had them sign the rental agreement Saturday night so that was a lovely weight lifted off our shoulders.

Now it’s time to pack like crazy fools. Why on earth did we decide to take a quicker possession date? Oh, because we’re crazy people. And I guess the lower price tag helped too. It’s just so hard to pack when we still have to live here for a couple more weeks! It’s going to be uber stressful, for sure.

But – my weekend was pretty laid back overall. I went with my mom and step-dad to a Ukrainian bake sale and got myself a dozen cabbage rolls. YES! There was a HUGE line-up at the door when we got there at 11 a.m. (when it was suppose to start). Apparently people started lining up at 10 in the morning! And it wasn’t exactly warm this morning either (-3°C/26.6°F)! In the sun it was tolerable, but waiting in the shade? I nearly froze to death, I swear. I wish I took a picture of the craziness of the line-up.

After the back sale, I did some grocery shopping, came home, and had a nap. Kyle went to work, so I made myself some Chinese noodle soup with long won ton noodles, chicken broth, a little onion and a hard boiled egg. Delicious! What on earth on long won ton noodles?


Seriously the best thing ever. So glad my dad brings things like this back for me from his trips to Vancouver. Like the Chinese say – “Long noodle, long life!” ;)

Luckily, Sunday was a lazy day, spent slowly packing some more things up and making a list of all the different things I have to have my address changed on. Such a pain! This time I think Kyle and I are going to have mail forwarding done through the postal service. Less hassle that way!

How is tomorrow already Monday??

How was your weekend?

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