Ten on Tuesday

1. What’s your favorite television show  for each day of the week?
Edited because I can’t read questions properly …
Sunday – Walking Dead
Monday – Canada’s Worst Driver
Tuesday – Glee
Wednesday – America’s Next Top Model
Thursday – Big Bang Theory, Grey’s, Private Practice (Can’t pick just one!)
Friday – No idea
Saturday – Again, no idea.

I usually record most of these shows though and watch them whenever I have time, on no particular day.

2. How many times do you wear your jeans before you watch them?
It depends on the pair of jeans. I have a pair that I’ll only wear once because they “bag” out and look horrible after a few hours. Another pair I’ll wear at least four times before I toss them in the wash.

3. What is your favourite pasta shape?
I quite enjoy bow-tie pasta, especially in a pasta salad. I like shell pasta too since it traps all the goodness in its shell.

4. Do you read newspapers?
I do actually. Even before I started working at one, I read the paper daily. I even had a subscription to the local daily before I started working there an got it delivered for free. It never hurts to know what’s going on in the city you live in.

5. Do you sleep in socks?
Ugh, no. Unless I’m super sick with the chills and I just can’t get warm. I can’t stand sleeping with socks on otherwise.

6. Favourite genre of movies?
Looking at my DVD collection, I would think it’s safe to say that I watch a lot of action movies, so we’ll go with action.

7. How do you feel about wrestling?
Depends on the form. MMA/UFC? I enjoy it. WWF? Not so much.

8. Should men pluck their eyebrows?
Only if they have a wicked unibrow, and even then, it should be barely noticeable.

9. Do you have dimples?

10. Do you like to camp?
I do, as long as I have mosquito repellent in the form of coils or what not. The spray works, but it feels so gross! I haaaaate mosquito bites! (Who doesn’t though?)

Do you read a newspaper? (No, the National Enquirer doesn’t count!)

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Hmm. I don’t consider anything but wrestling to be wrestling…UFC and MMA are different!

    Occasionally I read the daily in the lunchroom and i skim through our free community paper, but I don’t generally read anything in print (except my magazine). I get all my news online, which isn’t really surprising as my only two professional jobs have been in online news/media.



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