Why I Love Blogging

Yeah, I don’t have too many followers, but I still love blogging. You know why?

Because no matter what, no matter how bizarre the issue, no matter how crazy I may sound, there’s always someone, somewhere, with an answer and who could possibly even relate.

Sometimes, IRL friends can’t do that. IRL friends are almost always different than you in some way. IRL friends sometimes don’t understand what you’re going through. But blogging friends? They can relate almost 99% of the time. Or know someone who can.

This is why I love blogging, because there’s so much kindness out there, and there’s always someone who can relate, who’s been through the same things you’re going through. And they’re always willing to help if you want it.

This is why I love blogging.

4 thoughts on “Why I Love Blogging

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