Ten on Tuesday

1. Do you listen to the radio in your car?  If so, what type of station do you like?

I hardly ever listen to the radio, but when I do, I usually listen to either the local rock station or it’s sister-station, the “at work” station (which plays more Top 40 stuff).

2. What is the best concert you have ever attended?

I haven’t been to many concerts really, but I’ll say Sam Roberts. I was right in the front on the floor and he was SO GOOD in concert! The best thing? I won the tickets so it didn’t cost me a dime! Awesomeness.

3. What is the most embarrassing concert you have ever attended?

I don’t think I’ve been to any embarrassing concerts. When I was in Grade 5 I went to the Backstreet Boys. That was amazing.

4. If you could have the singing voice of anyone in the world, who would it be?

Adele. Seriously. Her voice is so smooth and jazzy. Love it.

5. You’re auditioning for American Idol.  What song do you sing?

Something random. Maybe I’ll rap and then bust into a ballad. That’ll get me rejected in a hurry I think.

6. If your previous weekend had its own soundtrack, what would be a few of the songs?

I don’t think my weekend is worthy of a soundtrack, unless there’s a song about being sober at the bar, buying a new vacuum cleaner or grocery shopping. “Volvo-Driving Soccer Mom” may fit the bill a little.

7. Most annoying television show theme song ever:

There’s one show that comes on after the local morning news called “Foodies” and it’s ANNOYING. Like, leap across the room to change the channel annoying.

8. Are you and your significant other music-compatible?

Not really. He likes bands like Metalica and the like, I enjoy everything. He thinks the music on my iPod right now songs like rave music. (It doesn’t!)

9. A song that brings me back to middle school:

“Last Resort” by Papa Roach. I didn’t have middle school, but it does bring me back to Grade 9.

10. A song that brings me back to high school:

That annoying Aerosmith song, “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”. Ugh. Barftastic.

11. A guilty pleasure song (or three):

Anything by Lonely Island. Oh the hilarity!


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