Sometimes it’s just hard to keep things to yourself, especially when they’re frustrating, stressful, and involve a lot of rules.

Like baby making.

In case you didn’t already guess it from this Tweet over the weekend:

Yeah yeah – Kyle and I are in the process of trying to create a family. We have been for two months actually. And? It’s hard.

Not the actual baby making part – that’s the fun part I suppose – but everything that comes along with it.

Like being off of birth control for the first time in eight years. If you ever want to experience raging, uncontrollable hormones like you’d never believe, stop taking birth control. Let me tell you – my mind and body did somethings I never thought it was capable of. Like bawling my eyes out over not painting the computer room/future child’s room. And breaking out into the worse acne since I hit puberty.

And then there’s the other little things: Prenatal vitamins. Folic acid makes your poops hard (sorry, but it’s the truth), and Omega vitamins makes my skin SO OILY.

Then there’s the bigger things: Trying to tell people that, “No, really, I don’t need a drink. No, I’m sure. Why? Because… no.” Trying to keep the baby making on the D.L. is HARD, especially when it seems like everyone wants to know my business. I suppose this post is letting virtually anyone know my business, but that’s besides the point.

It’s the people who started constantly asking me when kids were coming once Kyle and I got engaged who I’d rather not tell. Why? Because they’re childish and annoying and what’s really going on in my uterus is none of their business. And then they give unsolicited advice, which is only really unsolicited because none of them have had children or have gone through the “trying” process. No, it won’t “just happen” after a couple months of trying. No, you don’t really know how stressful getting your period actually is. For the first time in years, I’m disappointed that I have it.

And I’m not trying to belittle those who have been trying for ages to have a baby – don’t get me wrong. Two months of trying is nothing compared to some people who’ve been trying for years. But I feel I understand in a way. I’m more than certain the length of time I was on the pill has something to do with it taking a while to get pregnant. I’m just hoping my body hasn’t f-ed me over in the process.

I guess this is just another reason why I love the blogging world, because like I said Monday, there’s always someone who understands.

I love you Blog World!

11 thoughts on “Trying

  1. I know how annoying it can be to field off comments from people wanting to know when you’re going to have babies. I’ve been with Stephen for 3 years, and that’s all I ever hear. Even my Dad started in on it.
    I just don’t get why people have to be so nosy. Why does it matter if you don’t want to drink? Why do people feel the need to push that sort of stuff. Hopefully those people in your life will lay off a bit and give you some room to breathe!


  2. I didn’t get pregnant for almost a year after going off the pill, so don’t get discouraged! I used to cry when I got my period – it was awful!

    Now that Topher’s a year old, we’re getting harrassed by friends and family (mostly, Nathan’s family!) to have a second baby. I usually tell them Topher’s going to be an only child and that’s the end of the discussion :)


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  4. My suggestion? Have a drink. I took me over a year to get pregnant with my little guy. Charting, fertility drugs you name it. I finally gave in and had a few drinks at a concert and wouldn’t you know? Found out I was preggo about a week later. Trick is to surrender and relax (easier said than done). Oh, and P.S. if you’re anything like me you should stop giving the stink eye to all the pregnant ladies you see in the grocery store. Who knows? Maybe they’ve been trying for YEARS! This is something I had to remind myself of constantly!!


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