Friday List Thing

My thoughts are rather scattered these days. Today, you get a list.

– Yesterday while grating cheese for my famous Heart Attack Mac n’ Cheese I had the wrong side of the cheese grater ready without noticing (I was in a rush) and used the “evil” side of the grater. And then my hand slipped and I grated my knuckle on my right pointer finger. It HURRRRRTSSSS. And now everytime I bend or even move my finger, it starts bleeding all over again. Awesome.

– Fall Slo-Pitch season has started (which I will now refer to as “Fall Ball”) and we lost our first game on Tuesday. Which is fine. We were supposed to have another game Thursday night but the other team didn’t show up so – Automatic win! And, it’s probably good that we didn’t play because my finger is killing me.

– I am going out to the bar tonight. As the DD. I know it makes me sound like an alcoholic, but going out dancing is much better when you’re drunk. But – It’s my friend’s birthday and I’m a good friend, so I’ll drive her to and fro.

– The nights in Kamloops are starting to get really cold. It’s not fair. Where did summer go?

– I have a bunch of freelance work to do and I haven’t really started it yet. Whoops. I’m a horrible procrastinator to the max.

– I just realized I could make the post text entry box for WordPress bigger. My life just got so much easier! I’m so terribly blogging impaired.

– My mom and I are going to watch The Help tomorrow afternoon. YAY YAY YAY!

– I’m a pretty boring person right now it seems.

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?

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