#Fails and #Wins

Things that are full of #FAIL:

– My chair at work is killing my back.

– My cute new flats make my feet warm and uncomfortable. My cute new flats also make my feet smell. Ergo: My cute new flats have to continue making my feet warm and uncomfortable or the smell will make my coworkers uncomfortable.

– I haven’t done any freelancing in a while, which makes me feel rusty, which makes me think that if I did pick up some work I’d be out of practice

– I apparently don’t have any confidence in my writing skills

– I have to pick out blinds for the rooms we’re renovating. This will be a painful task. (I once had garbage bags on my windows for almost a year because we didn’t bother to buy blinds)

– My Word program at work keeps defaulting to some horrible bold font. I’ve yet to change it even though it’s annoying me.

– My keyboard at work is also the pits with its stiff keys and useless USB ports.

– My Mac computer at work has no USB ports. WHY???

– I apparently complain about work a lot.

– The wall charger for my cellphone stopped working, which means my phone will only charge if I plug it into the computer via the USB cord.

Things that are full of #WIN:

– I will be out of my old department at work on Monday and will be a partish-time worker again (I say “partish” because I’m taking on a couple of side jobs at work as well. More on these eventually)

– The room we’re renovating is looking seriously awesome. Can’t wait to share “Done” photos!

– Almonds: My new favourite snack food. AND they’re good for you!

– I am by far the speediest phone-answerer in the land.

– The long weekend coming up. Golfing with my mom Saturday, visiting my bestie in Kelowna on Sunday, and spending time with Kyle on Monday.

– The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Seriously hilarious. (Ding dong! Who’s at the door?!)

– The sunflowers I planted in the spring at starting to bloom! The buds arrived in the last couple weeks and the yellow petals are starting to show:

Pretty, no?

What are your #Fails and #Wins today?

2 thoughts on “#Fails and #Wins

  1. Haha <3

    Hmmm recent fails would be making waffles, my oven breaking down because i broke a piece inside while cleaning it, and spilling hot tea on my arm

    recent wins is finding lots of loose change on the ground during my walk, enjoying delicious muffins, and remembering to put on sunscreen = no burnt cheeks! :)

    xoxo <3



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