Renovation Update

Last Thursday (or maybe it was Friday?) I came home from work to find the room we started working on all painted! Yay!

To be completely honest, I was actually quite bummed that I didn’t get to paint it myself. Like, stupidly bummed. I blame hormones. For real. Anyway, it looks so fabulous and the photos definitely don’t do it any justice!

Here are before & after photos! (And I took the “After” photos at the same time in the day that I took the “Before” ones)

So picture that, with white trim & furniture and a dark wood flooring! It’s going to look SOO good! I’ve already bought shelves to put up. (BTW: My new obsession? Floating shelves!)

Also on the home reno front: We had our pre-hung door put up on Saturday and it just needs a coat or two of paint. One of Kyle’s old co-workers is now runs a contracting company with his brother, so they came and hung the door for me for free! Hurray for connections! There was no way Kyle and I would’ve been able to hang that door as quickly and as easily as they did.

Hopefully today or tomorrow we can start laying our flooring down in that room so we can work on the spare bedroom. Fingers crossed!

5 thoughts on “Renovation Update

  1. I love the paint color. And I do agree, add some floating shelves to the room asap! LOL. After the furniture is put in, your room is going to look awesome.


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