Monday Musings

Hello Monday! How happy am I to finally see that you’re here? Because I have a zillion things on my mind, you get a bullet/list post. Fun!

– The wedding is only 5 days away now! My plans: Go golfing Wednesday morning, make the wedding favours Wednesday afternoon, get a pedicure with my Mom Thursday, and then Friday is D-Day. Decorate, decorate, DECORATE! And Saturday? No more worries.

– Kyle and I actually had a great “meeting” with our MC (who’s actually his uncle) Sunday afternoon. We worked out the reception game plan and I’m feeling so less stressed because of it. We pretty much have the best people on our “team” the day of the wedding, hands down. I can’t thank them enough!

– A couple weeks ago I saw a cool photo print of “dandelion fluff” and they wanted to sell it for a ridiculous price. I said to Kyle, “Ha! I could totally do that!”, so I did:

Not bad, eh? Go me! It only took a couple hours to edit it too.

– I’ve just started reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. So far, I’m absolutely loving it! My mom bought it for me for my birthday after we saw the preview for the movie that’s coming out in the summer and I said “Oooh, I want that book!” She told me not to buy it, so I kind of knew.

– You all probably know that my dog is a furry beast. Yesterday I gave her Round 1 of her post-winter, pre-hot summer brushings and let me tell you, I think I could grow a whole new dog from the mountain of fur. Don’t believe me? Proof:

– I’m watching My Big Fay Gypsy Wedding right now and it. is. WEIRD. I don’t even understand what a gypsy is exactly. Anyone? I always think of Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (Horrible, I know)

-I’ve decided that after the wedding, I’m getting my ass back to the gym. I haven’t been in probably two months. Oops. Good thing it’s only $35/mth? I know, bad excuse. Baaaad me …

– Speaking of that pedicure I’m getting … Does one remove their current nail polish before they go or do they do that for you? My polish is gross and needs to be removed, but I don’t want naked toes for two days. (I blame Chelsea for this paranoia!) Help me blogland!

– Tomorrow will be my last post before my wedding for Ten on Tuesday, and then I’ve lined up some great guest posters! Thanks again ladies!

How was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Love the dandelion fluff photo – I stink at photo editing. It’s on my list of things to figure out – someday, when I have time :) And that pile of hair is ridiculous – I’m glad our dog barely sheds!


  2. I LOVE The Help! It was so good! I even drove three hours to Kansas City to see Kathryn Stockett speak. (She’s not at all what I pictured!)
    That dandelion photo is gorgeous!
    I can’t believe your wedding is less than a week away! This year is just flying by!

    PS: Look for your guest post sometime today. I’m putting finishing touches on it.


  3. Yes – NO worries allowed on the wedding day!!! You just need to ENJOY all the hard work you’ve done over the last several months and it will be the perfect day :)

    Wow, nice work on that dandelion photo!! I am TERRIBLE at photoshop and only know the very basics!


  4. Gypsies are a UK thing I think! They live in caravans and travel around the country, they usually have large families and live “off the land”. And they have GIANT weddings :)



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