Diet + Exercise = Confusion

I love food. I tolerate exercise. So, how on earth do I combine the two in the healthiest way? Apparently, I haven’t been doing it right at all.

For example, eating a high calorie, high carb energy bar AFTER my workout and then parking my ass on the couch is a huge FAIL. Makes sense though. My body’s in “go” mode and I’m making it do nothing. Fail #1.

Also, after I came home & showered, I devoured a bagel with cream cheese (light cream cheese, in my defence!). Fail #2. What can I say? I’m a carb whore!!

Anyway, Kyle informed me of my mistakes (Darn him and his BCRPA certified mom!) and now I’m going to try and make a better effort to eat properly after my workouts. I guess giving my body fuel and then not using it isn’t so good. Goodbye carbs! Hello healthy stuff! Maybe I’ll even bust out the blender and start making myself smoothies. I just have to find myself a meal plan I guess.

On a random side note: My laptop is down for 2-3 “business days” :( My USB 2.0 drives stopped working and my camera card reader (more times than not) freezes my computer completely. I’m a little sad about it, but at least we still have Kyle’s desktop PC. And thank Cheesus that my cellphone is uber wicked-awesome and I can catch up on my blogs on there :)

On another random side note: My wedding dress arrived today and I’m picking it up tomorrow. I’m SOOOO excited to get back into it!

Any post-workout munchie tips for me?

2 thoughts on “Diet + Exercise = Confusion

  1. I aim for protein after a workout. So a protein smoothie, maybe a piece of toast with PB on it etc.

    I’m also a CARB WHORE though so another thing I do is allow myself carbs for breakfast (usually in the form of oatmeal) then eat fruits and veggies all day – as snacks and then usually a big ass salad for lunch – and then allow myself carbs again for dinner (maybe pasta or pizza or rice). It seems to work OK for me, though I know my eating isn’t perfect I definitely FEEL way better when I put lots of fruits and veggies into my body!!

    On a side note, can you pleaseeeeeeee share a picture of the dress :D :D Just tell Kyle to stay off the blog ;)


  2. I’m sorry, I don’t have a post-workout snack for you because I do the exact same thing as you do. LOL. I’ve asked people on twitter and my Crossfit instructors and most of them said to find a protein shake that has muscles repair in it.

    I wish you luck…I’m glad that you finally got your wedding dress! I wanna see!!!



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