Seven Quick Takes

Ahh, I love me some list/bullet posts!

~ 1 ~

On Tuesday I mad an appointment at the hospital for an MRI. You see, a while ago, I went in for ultrasounds because I was having weird stomach pains. The ultrasounds showed nothing as far as a cause for the pain (which has since dispersed) but they found a mass/lesion on my liver. *Cue mild panic attack* So, fast forward a few weeks, and I go for my MRI. I haaaate them, not because I’m claustrophobic, but because they have to give you an IV and put dye in you. I HATE NEEDLES. Anyway, I got a call from my Dr. and the MRI came back clean! Yay me! I just have to have bloodwork done and have another MRI in a year, but still – CLEAN! Hell yes!

~ 2 ~

I am slowly starting to get tired of the snow. It makes me sleepy. If it had a heart, I’d stab it. Sure, it’s great for all you snowboarders and skiers, but I’m getting tired of it. It snowed a poop-load yesterday and while Daphne loves it, me, not so much. My car almost got stuck on the side of the road because the plow came by and pushed it against my car. Wah, wah, wah. I’d be happier about the snow if I got snow days like everyone else. Poo!

~ 3 ~

My mom and I are going to the Bridal Fair at the end of the month! I’m pretty excited about it; I’m hoping to get some decoration ideas and maybe some favour ideas. Kyle and I were thinking about making homemade fortune cookies, but they look like a LOT of work according to the videos we YouTubed, and we’d have to make them a couple days before the wedding. And we have no other Asian elements in our wedding. Who knows though. Anyone want to sign up for a little fortune cookie slave labour?

~ 4 ~

Now that the Christmas rush is over at Job #2, I’ve had a lot more evenings off during the week, which is awesome. I missed being at home with Kyle and just vegging out on the couch watching old episodes of Family Guy and Three and a Half Men. It just makes me love our little life together in our little house even more!

~ 5 ~

I bought a bag of rice cracker mix from Costco the other night because they’re a nice tasty treat while I’m working. Or at least they were. They went and re-worked some of the flavours, adding salt and vinegar to one of the rice crackers. Yuck! Now, I love rice crackers and I love salt and vinegar, but together, they are not good at all.  My taste buds have been assaulted.

~ 6 ~

It’s amazing how some people will always have something to complain about no matter what. It irritates me beyond control, so I try my best to stay calm and ignore it. But you know what? It’s freaking hard! If pitching in $10 for a potluck means I don’t have to cook anything, I’m game. Ah, department wars …

~ 7 ~

I went to a Burlesque show last night with C. It was … a little less than expected. I think the venue was the problem. The area around the stage was packed and where we were sitting, we couldn’t see a thing. We ending up eating our $5 admission and leaving early. Oh well!

3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. I’m totally game for making fortune cookies. If I can’t get vacation approved for a couple days before, then I’ll do a Fri-Sun trip the weekend before. :) Seriously, if you decide on the fortune cookies, you will have my help, guaranteed.



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