I’m a Big!

Krysten over at After “I Do” recently called out to bloggers to be a part of a blogging “Big Sister, Little Sister” program, where veteran bloggers are paired up with novices for mentoring, coaching and good ol’ fashioned fun!

I gotta be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d consider myself a Big or Little, so I left that decision up in the air and Krysten thought I’d make a good Big. Go me and my little corner of internet domain! Needless to say, I’m excited to announce that my Little is:

‘Angel’ at Confessions of a College Angel

Go say hello!

I’m looking forward to sharing my blogging knowledge (or lack thereof?) with my Little. I know there’s a ton of junk I wish I knew before I started blogging … hell, there’s of ton of stuff I still need to learn, but isn’t there always? (Like CSS …)

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