WTW: Flowers

“Tis time for Wedding-Talk Wednesday! Today? The flowers!

I didn’t think that picking flowers would be so hard! At first, I really wanted gerbera daisies. Then I wanted peonies. Then I wanted roses. Needless to say, I couldn’t make up my mind. I fell in love with this bouquet:

But, it turns out it would be pretty freaking expensive. (Of course, I always pick the most expensive things. What budget?) I thought about going with all peonies, but it turns out (again) that they’re expensive. *sigh*

The one thing I did know was that I wanted the flowers to be all white, since black, white and a cobalt blue (or “Ford Vista Blue” as Kyle likes to put it, lol) are the colours we’ve chosen. Black flowers don’t really exist and blue flowers are hard to come by until you dye white flowers, and I don’t want the dye ruining my dress!

So last week, I was talking with a co-worker at Job #2 about how I couldn’t make up my mind with flowers, and since Job #2 happens to have a decent selection of flower arrangements, we took a look.

I went back to the gerberas since they’re my favourite flower. Then I looked at the white roses. Then I put the two together and BAM! That was it! So, my flowers will be white gerbera daisies with black centres and white roses. The bridesmaids will have gerbera bouquets and Kyle’s opted not to have a boutonnière. (I believe he’s going with a classy pocket square instead)

I couldn’t find any photos of a white gerbera and rose bouquet, but just picture it as amazing (for my sake!) And of course, now that I have the flowers all chosen, my mom is putting her decorating hat on (She’s an amazing party decorator! She actually was the unofficial chair of decorating for my prom and did an AMAZING job!).

Ahh, it’s all coming together :)

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