Seven (Very) Quick Takes

It’s Friday afternoon, and I haven’t posted anything. Here’s Seven (Very) Quick Takes, since I’m at work.

1. It’s dead in the office right now. Hence the blog post.

2. My new mattress gets delivered tomorrow. It’s a Simmons and I’m excited. No more uncomfortable sleep! No more waking Kyle up with my tossing, turning and constant getting up to pee!

3. I am rocking the freelance work. The extra paychecks are wonderful. My first one more or less paid for my entire new mattress set!

4. Us Canadians get TURKEY DINNER this weekend! I’m excited. My mom is cooking dinner on Monday. I WANT STUFFING SOOOO BAD. You American readers should be jealous because you have to wait another month & a half for you Thanksgiving. Actually, it seems that we like to “one-up” you when it comes to holidays. National holidays? Ours is three days before yours. Boo-yah! I still love you guys though. You’re so much more patriotic than us.  I guess we just like to keep things on the DL.

5. Some jerk took my lunch out of the refrigerator at work and put it on the counter! How rude! It’s a good thing I actually went to the lunch room for my coffee break or my fruit would have been warm. Unacceptable!

6. It needs to snow because I’m tired of waking up early to pick up my dog’s poop before the guy who mows to lawn gets here.

7. Everyone I know is having babies. Okay, not everyone, but a lot of people. Stop it. I’m jealous. But I don’t want a baby at the moment. Or do I? I don’t think Kyle and I are quite ready yet.

Happy Friday everyone! How excited are YOU for turkey? Or are you not having any?


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