Monday Morning Musings

Here’s what inspired me/made me smile over the weekend:

  1. Sunshine. I finally got to spend a day in the sunshine after working during the day for the past few weekends. Yeah, I still had to work in the evening, but my white, pasty body appreciated the Vitamin D from the sun.
  2. Getting closer to closing our deal on the house. Wednesday is THE day we find out FOR SURE that the place is ours. We’re excited!
  3. Cleaning out some of the clutter that we don’t need to keep when we move.
  4. Waking up next to the most amazing boyfriend ever after barely seeing him during the week. (He’s been working the early shirt to beat the heat and is usually in bed by the time I get home from the 2nd job around 10 p.m.)
  5. Bacon fried-rice. My specialty!
  6. Planning a camping trip for the weekend after the long weekend.
  7. Being with amazing people :)

What inspired YOU over the weekend?

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