Year in Review

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012! It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. In honour of an amazing year, I present to you some of my memorable moments from the past year!


  • Wedding planning was in full-swing as I started my 6-month countdown, designed my invitations, and eventually found bridesmaid dresses for my girls!
  • Kyle ordered a new truck – a 2011 Ranger – and it eventually arrived a couple months later! (Although now we’re looking to get rid of it for a bigger truck with car-seat friendly backseats!)


  • I signed up for a gym membership again, which I ended up cancelling 6 months later.
  • I entered the smartphone world and got myself an HTC Desire Z (which I’m now cursing and can’t wait to upgrade!)
  • I took a deep breath and published a post about one of my biggest insecurities.


  • Kyle got a new job and it really helped to kick-start our future.
  • My wedding dress arrived and I couldn’t wait to put it on!
  • Thanks to the new Facebook timeline, it looks like I posted about everyone having babies, but that they wouldn’t be coming from me. Hmm, not so much I guess!
  • I debated whether or not I should buy a bathroom scale.


  • I went geocaching for the first time ever with Melissa and it was a lot of fun!
  • I started receiving wedding RSVP’s back in the mail and it was like Christmas all over again seeing who accepted and who declined.
  • Kyle gave me my birthday/wedding present a few days early – a Nikon D90! I’m still learning how to use all its amazing features.


  • I turned 25 and had my bachelorette/bridal shower all on the same day! What an exhausting one it was too.
  • I also entered the final month (which turned into the final days!) of wedding planning which left me beyond stressed, and I blogged about the little things that sometimes you don’t think of when it comes to wedding planning.


  • I got married!!! Need I say more?
  • My beloved Vancouver Canucks entered the Stanley Cup Final and sadly, lost. As a result, non-fans decided to riot, one of the most heart-breaking things I ever witnessed.
  • I started playing softball again and remembered how much I love it
  • I got a new job position at work and I loooove it! I also quit Job #2 after almost five years of it nearly killing me. Best decision I ever made.


  • We went out to the middle of nowhere for a friend’s wedding and I got eaten alive by mosquitoes! 27 bites on one leg alone! It was awful, but the wedding was fun.
  • Kyle and I started redoing a room in our townhouse – and it turned out fabulously!


  • I traveled to Prince George for my best friend’s wedding, where I was a bridesmaid. I was skeptical of going, but it turned out to be a lot of fun!
  • While in Prince George I also finally met up with one of my bloggy friends after 5 YEARS of conversing over the internet! It was way overdue!
  • I found out my mom’s lab, Tanner, aka the best dog in the world, has cancer. It was probably the worst news I heard all year.
  • I signed up for the fall season of softball and it was some of the best times ever!


  • I went to the Farmer’s Market for the first time in a couple years and got a great haul of local goodies!
  • Kyle and I started hunting for our second home.
  • My Tanner lost his battle with cancer. It’s still hard to think about to this day.
  • I got my hair cut and got some bangs at the same time. After a slight adjustment period, I’m still loving them!
  • Though I wouldn’t know for another couple weeks, I conceived a child!


  • Kyle and I made an offer on another house!
  • Although it was a password-protected post when I first posted it, I announced that I was expecting a baby in June 2012!
  • I had to live for two weeks without a stove because a $1 salt shaker fell on top of it and broke the glass. It was a difficult two weeks!


  • Our offer was accepted on the house we wanted, so after being in our townhouse for a little over a year, I started packing it back up again to move at the end of the month.
  • Kyle and I celebrated our last “dating” anniversary before we celebrate our first wedding anniversary in June 2012. We’ve been together for 9 years!
  • I wrote a sports story for work and it turned out pretty well for my first REAL sports story ever! It’s not even my area of expertise, so I was happy regardless.
  • Kyle and I became landlords as we rented out our townhouse.
  • We got completely moved into our new house and the unpacking commenced!


  • We got settled into our new house, completed it with new furniture, and decked the halls for Christmas!
  • One of my closest friends came home for the holidays and I got some much-needed “girl time.” I really need more in-town girl friends!
  • I finally “came out” and announced that Kyle and I are expecting a baby on June 25, 2012! I also blogged about whether or not we’re going to find out what we’re having.
  • I blogged about how having multiple Christmas dinners was taking its toll on me. I swear 2011 was the last year of 3+ Christmases!

So there you have it, my year in a nutshell! It’s been a crazy busy one, and with baby on the way mid-next year, it doesn’t seem like life is going to slow down anytime soon!

Wishing all my amazing blog readers the very best in 2012!!

One year ago

How is it already September? This isn’t fair! Where did my summer go?

I can’t believe how much as happened in the past year though. Seriously. When did I become an adult and have a crazy-busy life? It’s a little ridiculous! Let’s recap, shall we?

In the past year I’ve:

How on earth did this all happen?? I don’t even know. Who knows how crazy the next year will be.
How crazy has your year been??