One year ago

How is it already September? This isn’t fair! Where did my summer go?

I can’t believe how much as happened in the past year though. Seriously. When did I become an adult and have a crazy-busy life? It’s a little ridiculous! Let’s recap, shall we?

In the past year I’ve:

How on earth did this all happen?? I don’t even know. Who knows how crazy the next year will be.
How crazy has your year been??

2 thoughts on “One year ago

  1. My year has been nuts! I have a lot of similar things as you do on the list. I remember going into my 22nd year I was all like “I’m going to be more laidback and take it easy” and then SO MUCH happened like getting a house, getting engaged and getting a puppy (and a lot of other things). My 21st year is still by far the busiest/most rewarding year of my life so far but 22 was definitely a huge year as well!!



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