Seven Quick Takes

1. I’m a sucker for summer television programming. My favourite? Rookie Blue, which appears of Global TV here in Canada and on ABC in the U.S. It’s Canadian and OMG – Ben Bass is delicious. Sorry husband, but he is. Anyway, last night’s episode was amazeballs because two of the characters finally hooked up. Seriously, I’ve been waiting all season for it to happen. I know, rather silly to get excited about. In fact, I’m probably way more excited about it than I should be. Moving on …

2. Callie is moving down to Vancouver to go back to school today. Ugh. That means I have no friends in Kamloops anymore. Lame. What on earth am I going to do now?? I’ll happily take friendship applications. Actually, maybe not, because I tend to live my life like this most days:

I’m such a homebody. (Image via Pinterest)

3. Actually, remember the friend who decided to stop talking to me? I can’t remember if I blogged about it, but we went for coffee a little while back – in July I think? Anyway, we caught up a bit and it seemed like we started to patch things up. And then I didn’t hear from her again until Monday this week. *sigh* The great thing is her sister lives in the same townhouse complex as me, so it’s not like she doesn’t know if I’m home or not. (Bright yellow cars are pretty damn obvious). Oh well. Time to let it go (again).

4. My new favourite way to waste time? Polyvore and Pinterest, almost always at the same time.

5. It was my SIL’s (Holy crap, I have a sister in-law!) turn to draw the names for the Christmas draw. I have to buy for my MIL. Horrible. Kyle’s grandma has to buy for me. This could get interesting. Quick – what do I want for Christmas that’s $100?? I am probably the hardest person to buy gifts for because the things I want are almost always more than $100. AND WHAT THE HELL DO I GET MY MIL? I don’t even know! Good thing Christmas is a few months away still.

6. My mom’s lab Tanner is doing pretty good. They’ve gone camping for a week so he’s going to have fun and be spoiled. I guess the medication the vet gave him is doing a good job keeping the pain at bay. Still, it sucks to think about. I’m going to have to visit him when they get back next week. (Story about Tanner here)

7. I’m annoying at my Facebook people for posting these stupid “I’m 6 weeks and craving pickles”, etc., posts. Apparently it’s suppose to raise awareness for breast cancer (remember something a while ago about the colour of your bra that made the news?) but I just think it makes them sound ridiculous. Why on earth would you tie pregnancy to breast cancer, especially in a humourous way? Way to make people think you’re knocked up. I may be over reacting a bit, but I have my reasons.

That is all. Happy Long Weekend! I plan on doing nothing!

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