Waiting for it to Settle

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Now back to your regular programming:


Ever since Kyle and learned that our house offer was accepted, I’ve had nothing but horrible anxiety. Usually, it’s crazy butterflies, but now … now it’s chest achiness. And it’s HORRIBLE. It feels like someone’s punched me in the gut and is pressing on my chest.

It almost feels like indigestion. But it’s all. the. time. I just want all of the paperwork to go through, have those keys in my hand and move it. But I can’t. I have to wait a month. We still have, what I can assume to be, piles of paperwork to go through.

Of course, I’m still crazy excited to have my own house, I just didn’t think the anxiety would be this bad. But, when you think about it, it makes sense. We’re signing our lives away for 35 years. We’ll be almost 60-years-old. I’m still waiting for that idea to settle in.

In the meantime, enter my giveaway, help me keep my mind off the craziness that is house buying and have a great weekend! For the first time in weeks, I don’t have to work all day Saturday. It better be sunny, because I want to rid myself of my pasty white skin!

What are you weekend plans?

3 thoughts on “Waiting for it to Settle

  1. We have a 40 year mortgage ~ we signed the papers less than 3 weeks before they stopped doing the whole 40 years, 0 down dealio. I’ll be 64 when it’s paid off. If I live that long. Blah.


    • We were almost on that same boat, but it was right at the cusp of cancellation and we didn’t sign the deals in time. We’re glad we didn’t, since we’re a lot more prepared now. It’s still a lot to absorb. 35 years is a long time!



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