House Hunt, Round 3

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Kyle and I have been stressed out to the max, but I’m excited to announce that we’ve found The One!

After taking a look at houses last week, we were ready Wednesday night to make an offer on the townhouse I mentioned in this post. What it all boiled down to was the fact that it was the perfect starter. It had everything we wanted, was completely updated and was amazingly on the low end of our budget, making mortgage payments a little less stressful.

We only had to deal back and forth a couple of times before we reached an agreement, and if our financing (which we finalize tonight) and home inspection (which is tomorrow) all goes okay, we officially take possession on September 3rd! *insert girlish excited squeals here*

I’ve already spoken once with a lady on the strata council and she’s super nice. She said the “hood” (as she called it) is pretty tight-knit and fairly laid back. There’s no size restriction on dogs and she’s pretty sure we could get away with having two if they were quiet. We’re not going to keep Molly, but we’re glad that she’s staying within the family with Kyle’s sister.

We’re so over the moon excited and all of our family members are too. I’m so glad we’re going to be moving into Phase 2 of our lives!

Now I also have to move onto the packing and de-cluttering phase as well. Joy! Did I mention I have a ton of stuff? Just stuff, stuff, stuff! At least my new closet will be a walk-in! ANND! AIR CONDITIONING! I can actually use my oven in the summer now! WITHOUT DYING! Okay, I’m done being excited – for now!

You can read about Round 1 and Round 2 here and here, respectively.

4 thoughts on “House Hunt, Round 3

  1. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on taking such a grownup step.

    Lol – It’s really hard not to be jealous of you (and Amber by the looks of it…)! It would seriously take me till I was 20 to save up for a house deposit, even if I didn’t do any travelling!


    • It’s taken a LOT of sacrifice, that’s for sure. No lavish vacations, no new vehicles (Kyle really wants a new truck). It’s stressful right now, but it’s going to be sooo worth it in the end.



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