Ten on Tuesday

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Now back to your regular programming:


1. Cell Phone

My cell phone carrier is Bell Mobility. Why? Because Telus is horrible and Rogers don’t have a lot of service coverage. Just say no to dead zones! My actual phone is an LG Rumour because when it first came out I fell in lurv with its slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. Now all I want is a Blackberry. One year to go on the contract!

2. Email

Gmail, because it’s amazing with all its features. iGoogle is my hero at work.

3. Toothpaste

Colgate Sensitive with Gentle Whitening. I have horrible sensitive teeth and like to try and keep my grill white and shiny. And it tastes good. My last toothpaste was gritty and gross.

4. Car

My car is a Ford Focus ZX5. I love the look of them and it’s a zippy, fun car to drive! Bonus points for it being yellow too.

5. Writing Utensil
I don’t really use a specific brand of writing utensil. The pen in my wallet is my favourite pen but I never use it because I’m afraid of losing it or someone taking it! It’s a Pentel EnerGel. I have no idea how I acquired it, but I think I took it from my last job, lol.

6. Lotion

Right now my favourite lotion is Lemon Vanilla from Bath & Body Works. (Which reminds me, have you entered my giveaway yet? Do it HERE! You’ll love it!)

7. Interior Paint

I’ve never painted anything before, so I’m going to take a Pass on this question. Next!

8. Soda/Drink

I drink 7-Up because Pepsi is better than Coca Cola and 7-Up is owned by PepsiCo. And it tastes good with some vodka in it. Huzzah!

9. Laundry Detergent

We use Cheer liquid detergent. It smells good and makes our laundry nice and soft :)

10. Medicine

You have to be more specific that just “Medicine!” For aches and pains we use Advil. Why? I have no idea. Ibuprofen is better than acetaminophen? It sounds like “anvil”? I’ve never actually thought about why we use Advil over Tylenol. Maybe it has something with me being crampy/cranky during ol’ Aunt Flo’s visit.


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