I freakin’ love this game

It’s a few days late, but a weekend update is better late than never, right? RIGHT!

So on the weekend Kyle and I went down to Vancouver to watch our favourite hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks! I had got him tickets back in September as a “Congrats” for finishing his Welder B training. I was going to wait until Christmas, but I suck at keeping surprises from him and gave them to him early, using him being done school in record time as an excuse. (He finished a month ahead of everyone!)

We haven’t really had many opportunities to travel together, mostly because we’re both always busy with work and trying to save money, so I figured hockey tickets would be the perfect excuse to get away. Plus it was a weekend game, so who could argue that? We booked our hotel back in January and on Saturday, we were on our merry way!

The drive down was great and thanks to the GPS my dad let us borrow, I never got lost! I’ve only driven to Vancouver once by myself, and it was a horrible experience, so I figured if I preplanned my route via Google Maps and Google Street View (Which is AMAZINGLY helpful, IMHO) and had the help of a GPS, all would go well. And it did! We got to the hotel around 12:30 p.m. – plenty of time to do some shopping on Robson Street and such.

Anyway, I dragged Kyle a hella-long way up Robson Street so I could go to lululemon and buy fabulous comfy cloths. We got to see a bit of “left over” Olympic attractions, including the Zip-Lining and the huge screen in front of the Art Gallery. The sights may have been scaled down, but they were still cool. The streets were packed and Kyle hates big crowds and I never would’ve dragged him with me if I had known it was going to be busy. He was such a trooper, even in lululemon, and he even bought me my Gather & Crow crop pants. I’m such a lucky girl!

After we got back to the hotel we headed down to the hotel restaurant for a late lunch/dinner. We noticed that right across the road was LiveCity Vancouver, which, for those of you too lazy to click through, is where people can watch live Paralympic events and hang out:

Even more awesome was the Belini I ordered at the restaurant. Apparently “Moxie-Sized” cocktails were on special, so when I was asked if I’d like to “Moxie-Size” my Belini, I said yes. This is what I got as a result:

It was HUGE and I got the worst brain freezes, but it was so good! Kyle thought it was pretty funny since I make the most screwed up face ever when I get brain freezes. Oh well! Serves me right I suppose. After our meal we had a nap for about an hour before we got ready to go to the game. I put on my Canucks jersey, which we’ve determined is bad luck, and were on our way to the game!

We stopped by Authenix, the Canucks store attached to GM Place and browsed around. I bought a shirt while Kyle couldn’t find anything he liked. After we found our seats and took in the pre-game warm up before the game started. The whole thing was absolutely amazing, and we had the best time ever! The Canucks lost with only 0.2 seconds in Overtime, which was sad, but oh well. We at least got a point!

Here’s a few more pictures from the game/warm-up:

This was during the pre-game warm up. It was neat seeing how the warm up before the game since this part isn't televised.

The only picture I have of Kyle and I during our trip! Good thing it's a nice one :)

Members of Canada's Olympic Womens Hockey Team were there for a puck-dropping ceremony. It was really cool and they got a huge standing ovation!

Mark Donnelly sings the anthems at EVERY Canucks home game! He's an amazing opera singer and during the second verse of O' Canada he lets the audience sing it, holding up the mic. The energy in the building is AMAZING during this!

A face off during the game!

So that pretty much sums everything up, minus the freak rain storm on our way back (typical Vancouver weather) and delicious breakfast in Hope.

Ever watched a live NHL game? Or any professional sports game?

4 thoughts on “I freakin’ love this game

  1. I was never a huge hockey fan until I moved to Edmonton. My first year here was our Stanley Cup run so it was impossible to not get caught up in it! I’ve been to 3 games since I’ve lived here … Nathan loves hockey like I love horses, so I’ve learned a lot about the game since we started dating – I can even list all the players on our team, yay me :)


    • I think I may be a bigger Canucks fan than Kyle, but it’s fun to watch games together. I don’t feel as silly yelling at the TV when he’s with me, lol.


  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I LOVE going to NHL games. I’ve gone to 5 or 6 games before and the one that really stands out is when me and Eric went to Calgary to watch the Flames play the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was back when Sidney Crosby was a REAL big deal and that was his first time playing in the western conference I guess. Needless to say, the tickets were EXPENSIVE but it was SO FREAKING FUN!!!! The adrenaline at NHL games is hard to beat!!

    I LOVE Moxies! Yum


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