Sick days rule

Especially when you’re actually sick.

On Monday I woke up feeling like garbage. Absolute garbage. I dragged myself to work because I’m a trooper and have never called in sick in my life. No lies! I figured I’d be able to push through it by the afternoon, but around 10:30 a.m., my stomach decided it wanted me to throw up, so there I am running to the bathroom trying not to vomit on the nasty old carpet in the office. I didn’t barf, but I did decide to tell my boss that I was going to go home early because I felt like dying.

So come 11:30 a.m., I gathered my things and went home, trying not to pass out at the wheel. And when I got home? I slept. I slept all afternoon, only being woken up by the dogs barking at random noises and my dad bringing my ginger ale. (Thanks Dad!) I woke up around 3:30, when my roommate got home from school and I figured I should stay awake so I could fall asleep at night.

Usually I feel guilty about going home sick, but Monday, I had no remorse. My body was killing me and I just needed to sleep. Yesterday I went to work and finished all my work as if I hadn’t gone home early at all the day before. I still don’t feel 100%, but not feeling guilty about going home early is even better.

Do YOU feel guilty when you go home sick?

7 thoughts on “Sick days rule

  1. I’ve gone home from work about twice in 4 years. I call in sick about once a year, and I always feel ridiculously guilty! Mostly because I’m the only employee and one of the parents have to take the day off when I do! I try to avoid it at all costs, but sometimes I just can’t.
    Hope you’re feeling better now!


    • I’m the only person who does what I do at the paper, but my boss is more than capable of filling in if need be. It just makes things a bit more time pressed and stressful when someone calls in sick.
      And thanks! I’m feeling a lot better today :)


  2. Kara you are not alone wih your thoughts of guilt. Lots of people feel guilty.
    But once home in bed under the covers forget what others say and
    Get Better Soon


  3. I always feel guilty when I need to stay home, and I don’t know why – at my work we’re “allowed” 2 sick days/month and about half of the girls in my department take them every single month, whether they’re sick or not, just because they’re “entitled”. I even feel bad if I have to leave half an hour early or something for a doctor’s appointment – I take vacation time instead. Darn work ethic …


    • We don’t get sick days at either job I’m at! I could never take sicks days “just because” they’re there! I’d bank em and take a mini vacation!


    • My job isn’t even strenuous! I sit in a chair for most of the day, but I just felt horrible. I’ve never called in sick to my job at the grocery store. So many people do and they’re always scrambling. I’d feel guiltier calling in sick to that job than the paper!



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