Call me crazy

But I’m really starting to want to have a baby. I think.

Right now they’re everywhere in my life! My best friend just had a little baby girl yesterday afternoon (A St. Paddie’s Day baby! She’ll be a lucky girl!) and I’m so excited and happy for her. Five of my co-workers at the grocery store are having babies. FIVE. (I don’t drink the water in the staff room!) An old friend’s sister just had her second on Sunday and another friend’s sister had her first in January. And not to mention all the bloggers I follow out there!

Honestly, as much as I want to start a family right now, I know I’m not ready. Kyle and I are desperately saving for a house right now and we both want steady, sturdy jobs before any of that happens. Career, house, marriage, baby. That’s the order of operations for us. Okay, baby and marriage may be switched since we’re already living in sin, but who knows. (I say shotgun, you say ___?)

So smack me the next time I say I want a baby. Well, at least when I say I want one right now. We’re just not ready. We’d have to put A LOT of things on hold, and a house is our priority right now. Yes. For now I’ll live vicariously through my friend in Fort St. John and have fun with my little niece!

And now, what our children “will” look like, courtesy of

What an evil looking kid!

7 thoughts on “Call me crazy

  1. This is the first time I’m going to admit this…I think I’ve got baby fever as well. It seems like everyone I know is pregnant!
    Just like you and Kyle though, I know that Stephen and I are not ready for a baby either. I just can’t help but want one!


    • I think it’s a built-in gene for most women. We just want babies, whether the time is right or not! They say it’s a natural instinct, so for now I’ll just raise my fur-children until I can afford real children, lol


  2. After actually being pregnant, I swear I’ll never have baby fever again – and my pregnancy has been relatively easy/uneventful so far! Your future kid does look a little evil …


    • I think the receding hairline and creepy smile is a little “children of the corn-ish”. I made a waaay better fake child a couple days ago but didn’t save it. Every child since has been a little off, lol


  3. I don’t know if anybody ever feels completely “ready” for a kid. It’s such a huge change in your life, regardless of what stage you’re in. But I agree that the timing isn’t quite right for you from a logical standpoint. I’d give it about two years.



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