WTF Friday 2.0

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It’s time for the second instalment of WTF Friday! This week, it’s letter time! (Idea from the fabulous Amber!)

I present to you my irks of the week!

Dear fat lady at the gym,

Seeing you awkwardly trying to quickly get nekkid and change is more horrible than seeing you change at a regular pace. There’s change rooms for a reason. If you’re shy, use them, but who cares if your boobs hang low and wobble to and fro!?

Nakedly yours,

— —

Dear self-scan checkout user,

It’s not the machine’s fault that you don’t know how to properly use it, nor is it mine. Follow the prompts and you won’t have any problems. No one’s forcing you to use it. And no, I won’t stand there and do it all for you, even though it would be easier and faster that way.

Your friendlyish cashier,

— —

Dear housing market,

Stop becoming a seller’s market.


— —

Dear dirt in my eye,

I don’t like how you and the wind team up and attack me as I walk around corners. It really hurts my eyes, and I’m than certain that the people watching me walk down the street think I’m crazy as I thrash my head around dodging dirt.

Bitterly yours,

— —

Dear sweet tooth,

You are the death of me. Because of you, I feel guilty for skipping the gym this week. More guilty then usual, actually.

Not so sincerely,

— —

Dear giggly girls at the gym,

I would like to have a nice workout without having to listen to you yammer on about some cute boy or your outfits for the following week. You’re like I’m able to drown you out with my iPod.

Your elder,

— —

Dear homeless crack addict,

No, you cannot have my camera so you can trade it for crack money. Nor will I take photos of you.

Get away from me,

Happy weekend ya’ll!

4 thoughts on “WTF Friday 2.0

  1. Hi Kara,
    I decided to click on your blog after reading your reply on the Truth thread on the Chealsea Talks Smack blog. I had to leave you a message, because my name is Kara, too.

    Do you pronounce your name Kara as in care + uh? Or is it the car + uh?

    I personally hate it when people call me the car + uh. I am care + uh :)



    • Thanks for clicking through! I love meeting other Karas in the world. It’s not a super common name! I pronounce my name Care-uh and also hate being called Car-uh. I also get called Kira, Karen and Karla quite often. I should add that to my next installment of “Letters!”



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