Weekend cravings

I. Love. Food. Love it. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that a few times before. I decided to document everything I had a hankering for during the weekend. And no, I’m not pregnant! I’m just a food junkie :)

– Chicken pot pie
– Homemade chicken soup
– Salmon
– Nachos

– Greek ribs
– Scallops
– Grapefruit
– Hummus
Fresh is Best salsa
– Avocado

– Bacon
– Shrimp

Not too random, right? The great thing is that I didn’t cave to any of them! Well, I almost had bacon but we forgot to pull it out of the freezer. Boo :(

Have you had any odd cravings? Did you cave or resist?

5 thoughts on “Weekend cravings

  1. I have cravings for sweets EVERY single night. Lately, I’ve been trying to avoid it by having tea with milk instead but last night I couldn’t resist so I had toast with PB and LOTS of honey. So yummy! I enjoyed every last bite :)

    You did have some random cravings this weekend, who craves scallops!!? LOL


  2. I crave bacon every day. In fact, it’s become almost an inside joke between Stephen and I. Whenever he wakes up, the first things I say is “MAKE ME BACON!” Ha!



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