Olympic Madness

I wouldn’t say that I’m for or against the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, but I’m definitely sick of hearing about them.

When I watch the newscast almost every night, it seems like almost half of the stories are Olympic related. Yes, they’re coming! I get it! Yes, there’s going to be crazy security checkpoints! Yes, travelling to Vancouver is going to be a complete write-off for the entire month of February! Yay!

While the world parties it up in Downtown Vancouver, the rest of BC will be at home, watching what the madness has let up to and (hopefully) seeing Canada take home the gold in many events.

Kyla Roma recently tweeted this and it made me think. I don’t think any Canadian companies have offered this kind of deal! Really, it’s a brilliant way to market travel for the Olympics and I’m surprised I haven’t seen WestJet or any other airline advertise that kind of deal.

I know that even Kamloops will be in slight chaos for a day as we prepare for the arrival of the Olympic Torch Relay. From what I’m gathered, the torch is going to be heading down the highway during the peak of rush hour traffic and through town. I’m glad it’s my day off, that’s for sure!

Anyway, that was just some random babbling thought I had.

Are you excited for the Olympics?

2 thoughts on “Olympic Madness

  1. No. I’m going home for the part of the Olympics that is also reading break. I’m not a big “crowd” person and honestly, I don’t think they are that big of a deal. Just a waste of money.

    I will however watch figure skating and hockey on TV but I’d do that no matter what country they were in!


  2. I’m looking forward to watching the Olympics on TV (well, some if it …) but I’ll be glad to be a whole province away. I’m not big on crowds! I had the day off when the torch relay was in Edmonton ~ it was downtown during rush hour. Whose brilliant planning was that?



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