Finding Friendship

You know, I always hear people talk about having life-long friends and wonder, how do they manage that?  Growing up, I had the same group of friends until about Grade 7, then we started falling apart.

One of my friends started hanging out with a less than savoury crowd, while the rest of us met new people when high school started. Come to think about it, I’m not close with anyone I was friends with in high school or elementary school anymore. I mean, I have them all on my Facebook, but if we were to sit down and hang out, it would probably be awkward in a hurry.

It’s interesting because Kyle is still good friends with everyone he hung out with throughout school and he’s made some amazing friends afterwards as well. Perhaps that’s just his personality; He’s straight-up with everyone he meets and doesn’t take any bull. That’s one thing with girls – we can be catty individuals (even when we try not to be) and I think that’s what pulls our friendships apart. I was best friends with a girl in high school but we had a huge fight and haven’t really said more than 10 words to each other since.

There’s only one person I still somewhat talk to with whom I was close throughout elementary school and part of Grade 8 and 9. We were close all throughout elementary school and she just recently got married last summer and I was quite surprised when I was invited to the wedding. It was beautiful and I was even more surprised when her aunt mentioned me in her toast.

Of course, today I’m not completely friendless. I have four amazing girl friends who I talk to regularily and I wouldn’t trade them for the world! Two of them I’ve met through work and two I’ve met through school. Maybe that’s where “life-long” will start for me.

Is there anyone who you have been friends with since diapers? Do you think guys hold friendships better than girls?

4 thoughts on “Finding Friendship

  1. I have two best friends; one I met in Kindergarten. Yup, Kindergarten! We are VERY different people now but we have stayed close friends through all these years. She’s really more like my sister because we can go for days, weeks, months and not talk but then get together again and it’ll be like we just saw each other.

    My other best friend I met my second year of college through work and we just clicked. She’s the kind of girl that has a million best friends because she’s just that kind of friend! I love her to death.

    For me, it’s been hard to form lasting friendships after high school because I moved so much. I was in GP for two years and met some amazing people and just when we all started becoming really close I moved again. Likewise for Kamloops, everyone is moving soon!

    Great topic, btw :)


  2. I had two female “best friends” through most of my school days but they were more or less the people I hung out with the most – not necessarily girls I wouuld talk to about anything remotely deep or meaningful. They got into “less than savoury things” in high school so we went our seperate ways. I talk to them on Facebook every now and then but I wouldn’t say we’re remotely close! I’ve always been able to have closer relationships with guys – not the dating kind, either :) I think guys are definitely better at holding friendships than girls – I barely talk to anyone from high school but my husband still gets together with his high school buddies every now and then.


    • I had two really great guy friends in high school but I lost contact with them after graduation.

      I find it easier to get along with guys too. I think you can joke and make fun a bit more without offending them, because they’ll dish it right back!


  3. I am the exact same way as you! Most of my good friends I met after high school. Cy on the other hand, his group of friends are all from the same hometown and have been friends for years.



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