Moments of Motherhood: Second pregnancies are no cakewalk

1VeaOrz7hXMMxkOmldDJs4MXSfgscPXP_lgI’m back again over at The Armchair Mayor News this week, this time discussing how second pregnancies have less “magic” and novelty than the first time around.

Here’s a snippet:

Not too long ago my husband very lovingly said to me, “Women really must have the worst memories ever.” Normally I’d argue with him and try and defend myself, but he’s kind of right.

Allow me to elaborate on why I so easily raised the white flag of defeat: Any day now, Baby Evans Numero Dos will be making her appearance and while I couldn’t be more excited to meet our new addition, I’m also finding that second pregnancies are overrated.

Now, before everyone starts slinging comments shouting, “Why have kids to begin with if you think that?” allow me to lower the flag a little and explain myself.

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Pregnancy 2.0: 38 weeks

38 weeks

Size of Baby: She’s the size of a spaghetti squash, according to my pregnancy app, although she feels as heavy as a 10-pin bowling ball sometimes. (And it probably looks like I’m trying to smuggle them under my shirt as well.)

Feeling: Hot! It’s been really hot outside recently, quite the change from the pouring rain we had early last week. I’ve been trying my best to stay inside where it’s cool and drinking lots of water. Really, I’m trying to avoid having my feet swell up like balloons like they did with Isla. Rumour has it that it’s supposed to rain again this weekend, so I’m looking forward to the break.

Also: Grumpy. My allergies are acting up like crazy and it hurts to sneeze. My stomach is still pretty raw and overall, I’m just done with being pregnant. If one more random stranger asks when I’m due, I might lose it. (Funny story – on Monday when I arrived for my prenatal appointment there was another very pregnant woman at the desk booking her next appointment and we exchanged “I feel your pain” smiles.)

Craving: Garlic scapes, which I hope to hunt down at the Farmers’ Market this morning. If you haven’t tried them before, you definitely should!

Other: I had my prenatal appointment on Monday and got my GBS test results back. I tested positive, so that means that if/when my water breaks I have to go right to the hospital and get started on antibiotics. Yaaaay :P I was negative with Isla, so this adds a new level of fun to this pregnancy.

But – since it doesn’t appear that I will be giving birth in the immediate future, I’m just trying to enjoy these last few days Isla and I have together. This morning we have plans to go to the farmers’ market and then to a toddler art class, and after that we’re swinging by the hospital so I can preregister at admissions for whenever this baby decides she wants to arrive.

My doctor is away from Monday to Thursday next week, so my next appointment with him will be next Friday, and then he’s away on the 20th & 21st. Basically, I need to either have this baby within the next couple of days or keep her in until the week she’s due if I want him here for the delivery and not whoever’s on call.

Pregnancy 2.0: 37 weeks

Pardon my sexy pajama pants. My level of caring is pretty low today ;)

Pardon my sexy pajama pants. My level of caring is pretty low today ;)

Size of Baby: Baby N is the size of a honeydew melon, which is suiting considering it feels like I’m carrying around a giant melon under my shirt.

Feeling: Raw. The skin on my stomach feels like it’s been stretched to the max, making it feel raw and uncomfortable. If I weren’t at risk for being judged and scowled at in public, I’d be walking around with my belly showing at all times.

I also had my first hormonal mental breakdown on Friday. I slept horribly the night before and just woke up in a bad mood. Campbell was acting up and not listening to me, and I just kind of lost it and started bawling. Eventually I calmed down and everything went back to normal, but man – that was unpleasant for everyone.

Craving: I satisfied my craving for frozen yogurt on the weekend, and now I just want more. At least it’s kind of healthier than ice cream? (Or is that wishful thinking?)

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.58.53 AM

Other: I had my doctor appointment Monday afternoon after it was bumped from Friday. While he was doing my measurements he had this puzzled look on his face which obviously concerned me, and then he told me that it felt like Baby was breech. After some more poking and prodding, it turns out she’s still head-down (whew), and he thinks that she very well may come early! (Of course, now that it’s been said I’m jinxed and I’ll have another overdue baby.) My next appointment is Monday next week and he said if I feel “different” he’ll do a sweep (those who have kids know what I’m talking about – those who don’t, Google “Membrane sweep” if you dare, haha). Ooooh boy, things are getting really real!