Moments of Motherhood: Second pregnancies are no cakewalk

1VeaOrz7hXMMxkOmldDJs4MXSfgscPXP_lgI’m back again over at The Armchair Mayor News this week, this time discussing how second pregnancies have less “magic” and novelty than the first time around.

Here’s a snippet:

Not too long ago my husband very lovingly said to me, “Women really must have the worst memories ever.” Normally I’d argue with him and try and defend myself, but he’s kind of right.

Allow me to elaborate on why I so easily raised the white flag of defeat: Any day now, Baby Evans Numero Dos will be making her appearance and while I couldn’t be more excited to meet our new addition, I’m also finding that second pregnancies are overrated.

Now, before everyone starts slinging comments shouting, “Why have kids to begin with if you think that?” allow me to lower the flag a little and explain myself.

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