Weekend Update

Norah had a rough night and I made the silly, rookie mistake of staying up too late watching bad-yet-entertaining movies (Pitch Perfect 2 and Magic Mike XXL), and ALL of the coffee was definitely needed. Norah had her 4-month immunizations that morning, so I dropped Isla off at Kyle’s grandparents to make the trip easier.

Norah did awesome and we finished at the health unit way sooner than I had thought, so I stopped at Starbucks and treated myself to a salted caramel mocha and a chocolate croissant before picking Isla back up for lunch!


My mom picked Isla up later in the afternoon and had her over for dinner. Norah and I caught up on some bad TV before her big sister returned. Kyle also came home from his hunting trip later that evening, so it was nice to have him back!

Isla had dance class at noon, so the morning was spent puttering around the house. I made a quick stop at Walmart for a few things while Isla was in class, and then when she was done we headed down to my mom’s for lunch before heading out to the pumpkin patch to get our Halloween pumpkins! Isla had a blast going through the patch and probably would’ve brought every pumpkin home if we had the room in the car.



Sunday is always a pretty routine day for us since Kyle was heading back to work the next day. I got my weekly meal plan done and we headed out to the store to get the grocery shopping done. We lazed around for most of the afternoon and after dinner we went down to Kyle’s grandparent’s for dessert as they’re leaving on Tuesday for their annual snowbirding trip. We won’t see them again until April! After that it was bedtime for the girls and Kyle and I relaxed with some Netflix before heading to bed ourselves.

How was your weekend? What was the last bad (but oh, so good) movie you watched?


Project 365: October 26-November 1

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(It seems that this week was brought to you by Isla and Daphne ;) )

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