Race Recap: The Spring River’s Run Off 5K

I wouldn’t say that this past Sunday’s run was the race that I was training for, but with it being the first of the year I suppose that it is true!

This would be the first “competitive” 5k I’ve participated in and to say I was anxious about would be an understatement. I mean, I had a look at how many people had signed up and I instantly got nervous. I perhaps will have to not pay attention to that in the future so I don’t psych myself out, but regardless, I ended up being pretty damn happy with how everything went.


Obligatory pre-race photo, courtesy of Kyle’s mom.

The sun decided to come out and DEAR LORD THANK YOU, because it was so cold otherwise! I’m glad I decided to wear a long sleeve and grabbed a sweater to wear before the race started. Spring may be in the air but winter is definitely still lurking about like a creepy uncle. So, yay for sun! I was also thankful for the nice, flat course because hills are actually the devil and I haven’t trained for them at all. (One day I will, I swear.)

There were about 20 participants in the 5k portion of the race and we started about 20 minutes after the 10k runners. (Which included Kyle and his stepdad.) Three runners immediately took off flying and I lost sight on them by the 1k mark, but I stuck with my plan on just pacing myself and not burning out too soon.

My feet were freezing and I couldn’t feel my toes for a bit, but I felt pretty good up until about the 2km mark when my knee started bugging me a little and my side started cramping up, so I slowed myself down for a few metres. By this time a lot of the 10k runners were also coming through to finish, but as I’ve mentioned in the past, the running community is amazing and had nothing but encouraging words as I trucked along.


Somewhere between around the 2km mark, clutching that cup of water as if my life depended in it, haha! (Photo by David Graham)

Nothing was sweeter than seeing that “1km to go” sign and I managed to keep my pace going and felt strong heading toward the finish line. My Fitbit clocked me at 29:59 but my official bib time was 29:04, a new PB for me! I ended up finishing 5th in the 5k and 2nd in my age group. (Hashtag: Humble brag, lol!)


All that technical stuff

We hung around for pizza, door prizes (I won a toque and Kyle got a restaurant g/c), and awards because Kyle and his stepdad both medaled!

So, overall, I’m super satisfied with how I did. I wasn’t sure if my early morning treadmill sessions would be enough but I suppose I proved myself wrong! Now I plan on taking a short break from training to let my poor legs recover before I start training for the next one!

Oh, and a huge shout out to the Kamloops Ridge Runners for putting on this event! I cannot imagine the logistics behind organizing a road race, so thanks to them for doing such an amazing job! I’m looking forward to the Blackwell in May!


Race Recap: Boogie the Bridge 2017

What a day!

While it was only the second year we’ve taken part the Boogie the Bridge, it was the 20th annual event! It’s amazing to think about how far it’s come, and I’m glad that our family was able to take part in such an awesome community event.

After a whole bunch of running around like a crazy person in the morning trying to get the girls organized and ready to go (I swear they eat slow just to drive me insane), we picked up my mom and were at the park with plenty of time to settle in and use the washroom before the races started.

Isla got to run in the 1km Mini Boogie this year, which she has been excited for since February! Kyle ran the race with her and she did great; it turned out to be a great warm-up for Kyle as well since he was running the 10k race afterwards.


After the Mini Boogie we all split up, with my mom watching Isla and Norah while Kyle and I ran our races. I opted to do the 5k run again with the simple hope to just better my time from last year. I did manage to train a bit better than I did last year, doing a couple short (2k) runs on the treadmill per week since mid-March. If anything, at least I wouldn’t feel like dying as soon as I crossed the finish line, right? Riiiiiight …


Pre-race photo!

I actually felt really good up until the turnaround point, where I made a quick pit-stop to use the washroom. I sprinted to make up some time and that’s when I got a big ol’ cramp in my side, so I was a bit slower heading back to the finish line. Regardless, I pushed myself through the homestretch and managed to finish with a time of 30:07! And holy hell, I thought I was going to throw up. My mom and the girls found me and gave me a big hug; I guess they were cheering for me at the finish line but I had a serious case of tunnel vision and didn’t even hear them. I found some water and a snack and then we went and waited for Kyle to finish his 10k!

Kyle finished strong with a PR of his own, 52:29! He was super stoked on that and I’m a pretty proud wife ;)

We rewarded ourselves on a job well done with some greasy breakfast from McDonalds, and Isla hung up her bib and ribbon with pride! She can’t wait for her next race at the end of the month, the coveted “Ice Cream Race.” (A.k.a the Blackwell Dairy Run)

I cannot thank the organizers of the Boogie the Bridge enough for putting on such a great event! It is truly one of the best family events in town :)

Race Recap: Boogie the Bridge 2016

What can I say about my very first 5K run, other than the fact that it was an experience to remember?

The Boogie the Bridge is a big deal here in Kamloops, and this year a record-breaking number of people participated. (Over 2,100!) I’ve said to myself a hundred times in the past that someday I’ll do the Boogie, and since Kyle has taken up running, I figured that this year was the year that I’d finally check this off my Bucket List! We signed up together and my fate was sealed ;)


Kyle’s 10K bib and my 5K one.

I had every intention of doing some training, but with the two girls keeping me busy it was hard for me to find the energy or motivation to train. If I had a spare hour or two where Norah was napping I found myself either being lazy and perfecting the ass dent on my couch or doing chores around the house. I think I put in three running sessions on the treadmill between the time we signed up to race day, so you could imagine the shape I was in …

Obviously, I didn’t really have any expectations for myself as far as finishing times go. I made a vague goal of finishing in less than 40 minutes and then just hoped for the best!

Kyle and I were up early Sunday morning to get ourselves ready for the day. My mom had taken Isla overnight for a sleepover, so we had to drop Norah off before we made our way down to the park where the starting line was. We made it just in time for the opening ceremonies and were soon lining up to race!


Kyle had his game face one while mine was more nervous laughter ;)

While we lined up together at the start line, Kyle quickly took off ahead of me since he was running the 10K and wanted to finish with a solid time. I tried to pace myself so I didn’t exhaust myself too quickly (my lack of training is totally to blame), and I think I did okay. I switched back and forth between running and speed walking and with no Garmin or anything to keep track of my times I have no idea what my breakdown is, but I think it ended up being about 50/50. The final stretch into the finish line was the most exciting as the cheering and encouragement was the highest, and I gave it my all as I booked it to the end!

My official race time ended up being 33:38.5, way better than I though I was going to do! After catching my breath and grabbing a drink and a snack, I waited at the finish line for Kyle to come through! He finished his 10K in 53:22.1 – a solid time, I say! I didn’t get a chance to get a photo of us together after the race, but I did snag a selfie right after I finished ;)

Obligatory race bling selfie

Obligatory race bling selfie

Fun side story: As I was nearing the finish line and listening to the names being announced over the PA, I heard the name of my 3rd & 4th grade teacher! I crossed the finish line someone slapped my on the back and when I spun around it was her congratulating me on the race! She was my favourite teacher growing up and to see her and have her give me a hug at the end totally made my day!

Overall? This race was FUN and I’m so glad I finally participated! Kyle was a huge inspiration for me to finally take the plunge and do the Boogie after living in Kamloops for 12 years. I’ll totally do it again next year, and maybe I’ll even train a bit harder ;) I don’t know if I’ll take up running on a regular basis; I see myself being a 5K gal for a while, but you never know!