WTW: Hours Before

Nothing is more surreal than waking up in the morning and knowing that by the end of the day you’re going to be a wife, you’ll have a husband and you have a whole new name.

I barely slept the night before the wedding. I think I may have got four hours total? Despite my lack of sleep, I didn’t feel too horrible. Perhaps it was my nerves, although I didn’t feel nervous overall. By 8:00 a.m., myself and my three bridesmaids were at the hair salon waiting our turns to have our herr-did.

Being such a loving bride, I headed to Tim Horton’s to get my girls well-deserved coffee and muffins. Still, no nerves. Even at the salon, one of the hair stylists commented on how ridiculously calm I appeared, trying to get my gears going. If anything, however, I was quiet. Perhaps trying to contain my anxiety and stress, knowing that everything I have planned, worked on and detailed out was all being laid on the line that afternoon.

My first moment of “Oh my god, this is actually happening” was when I finally sat down in the stylist’s chair at 11:00 a.m. My photographer was there, my girls’ all had there hair done, and the hot rollers were going in. The next moment was when I was done and my veil was stuck in my hair ever so delicately. But still, I did not let it show.

After we got back from the salon, it was time to eat lunch. My grandma, love her to death, had prepared a huge batch of my favourite mac’ n’ cheese, chicken wings, fruits and veggies. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I devoured all my food and went back for seconds. Eating a carb-loaded meal really helped calm my nerves back down.

The girls started getting dressed after we ate and I put on a touch of make up. After they were dressed, we hung my wedding dress up for the photographer to take some shots and then it was time for me to put it on. *insert another surreal moment here*

My mom laced up the back and snugged it up. She started crying but I refrained. The girls and I gathered in the back yard for a few photos with the photographer.

The limousine arrived at 2:30, right on time. My step-dad loaded it up with our cooler of water, beer and coolers. We got in at 2:40 and make our paced journey down to the ceremony venue. We had her take the “scenic” route so we wouldn’t be too early. At 2:55 we arrived at the venue and I saw my dad standing outside waiting for us to arrive. That was the first time I showed any emotion and started to cry a little. This was it. It was really happening. After a few deep breaths, I emerged from the limo and we made our way into the entrance of the ceremony venue.

The music started, my girls started their walked, and there I was, just my dad and I, waiting. Still, no tears, but still, absolutely nervous. So nervous my whole body tingled. And when my “walking down the aisle” music started, I couldn’t help but smile.

Next week: The Ceremony

WTW: The Rehearsal

You’d think that the wedding rehearsal would calm ones nerves for the actual wedding. Yeaaaah right!

We had our rehearsal the day before the wedding and I was beyond stressed out. Luckily, the woman in charge of the ceremony venue was amazing! Since there are a LOT of weddings held at the venue, she was a pro at organizing and wrangling everyone together at the right moments.

The greatest thing was spending some one-on-one time with my dad. We don’t share a¬†particularly close bond, but we do have one.

After the rehearsal the girls started worrying about tripping down the aisle and whether or not they’d cry during the entire ceremony (not that anyone did anyway ;) lol), and the guys commented on how under-dressed they all were. It was rather amusing! We enjoyed an excellent dinner at a local restaurant with our wedding party, parents and MC, and got ready to decorate.

Really, the day before the wedding was a blur, an even bigger blur than the day of the wedding itself. It was so full of stress and emotions that I apparently can’t even pull together a whole post about it. This is turning into a garbled mess of a post, so I’ll just stop.

Blah, blah, blah – Questions?

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho

It’s back to work I go :(

I’m still on a post-wedding high and I’m still a LOT exhausted. There’s so much to say about how amazing the wedding was but I have no idea where to start!

The biggest thing is realizing that I’m now a WIFE. I’m so not used to it yet! And? I have a MAIDEN name now. Whaaa? lol – But really, it’s so surreal!

I think I may break down the whole wedding experience into a little mini-series starting next week, covering the Rehearsal, the morning of, the ceremony and the reception all in different posts. Sound good? I think so!

For now, I’ll let ya’ll ask me questions if you like, and I’ll answer them in a post Friday. So, just leave them in the comments! And – if you are already married, lets compare notes, shall we?

So, what do you want to know?