WTW: The Rehearsal

You’d think that the wedding rehearsal would calm ones nerves for the actual wedding. Yeaaaah right!

We had our rehearsal the day before the wedding and I was beyond stressed out. Luckily, the woman in charge of the ceremony venue was amazing! Since there are a LOT of weddings held at the venue, she was a pro at organizing and wrangling everyone together at the right moments.

The greatest thing was spending some one-on-one time with my dad. We don’t share a particularly close bond, but we do have one.

After the rehearsal the girls started worrying about tripping down the aisle and whether or not they’d cry during the entire ceremony (not that anyone did anyway ;) lol), and the guys commented on how under-dressed they all were. It was rather amusing! We enjoyed an excellent dinner at a local restaurant with our wedding party, parents and MC, and got ready to decorate.

Really, the day before the wedding was a blur, an even bigger blur than the day of the wedding itself. It was so full of stress and emotions that I apparently can’t even pull together a whole post about it. This is turning into a garbled mess of a post, so I’ll just stop.

Blah, blah, blah – Questions?

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