All Out or Keep it Close

I have been debating for a long time whether or not to keep my Twitter account private or to removing the restricted access.

If I don’t keep it private, I can’t enter in the many, MANY awesome Twitter giveaways (Twittaways?) and have random famous people re-tweet my ridiculous shout outs.

If I do keep it private, I have control over who reads my ridiculous tweets.

It’s not like I really have anything to hide on my Twitter feed, and I can always block people from viewing it if I have to. Like porn spam and people saying they’ll increase my blog hits for me.

Ah, my life problems are petty for now, but things will be changing soon, I’m sure.

So, have you ever made the switch? Why or why not?

5 thoughts on “All Out or Keep it Close

  1. I used to keep it private but not being able to participate in twitter chats or enter giveaways made me open it up again. It’s been fine! I don’t really say anything on there I wouldn’t want anyone to see. Not to mention the fact that my boss and two of my coworkers are on Twitter regularly and were already following me so I already had to keep it pretty PG!


  2. My blog twitter is more or less anon, so I keep it open. I considered keeping my IRL twitter private, but to be honest, there’s not much point being on Twitter if you’re not going to keep it open – at least if you plan on using it for any professional purposes. It’s very much part of my identity working in media and even more so for my new job. And yes, I do always tweet as if my boss is watching. If I need to vent a little (but vaguely) I might choose to do it on my blog twitter, or make/RT jokes that I’m afraid people might construe as slightly offensive/not PC enough on my IRL account (I’m still quite conscious and want to err on the side of conservatism).


  3. i haven;t gotten into twitter and im not sure i ever will. i think it can be really useful for some people, and for others maybe not. its a 50/50 i think…

    xoxo <3



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