Road Trip Recap

Warning: This post is wordy!

Once a year my mom and I try to make our way down to the Vancouver area to get some solid family and shopping time in. This past weekend we loaded up half of my house our stuff and headed out for a fun, four-day visit!

(Seriously though – I drove our truck down because we had SO MUCH STUFF. Between our regular luggage and everything I needed for Norah, it was necessary to take the truck.)

The girls did great on the ride down only having to stop twice, once just to stretch our legs and the other time to have lunch. We were lucky enough to have great driving weather and once we got down to the Fraser Valley the traffic wasn’t even that bad. When we arrived at my grandpa’s we were welcomed with margaritas! Can’t say no to that ;)

After dinner we went for a short walk up to the park where the girls had some fun on the swings and teeter totter. Soon it was time to walk back and turn in for the night, as Saturday we had a busy day planned out!

My grandpa drove us to the Skytrain station where we hopped on the train to go right into downtown Vancouver and meet up with my brother! He met us at the stop closest to his apartment and we picked up some lunch from Freshii (which I’m still drooling over) on our way to his place.

After lunch we headed out towards the Seawall and walked along there until we got to the Aquabus dock. We hopped on the cute little ferry and went across False Creek to Granville Island and checked out the Public Market and Kid’s Market! Isla was having a ton of fun and she was SO sad/upset when it was time to leave, but we had a lot of walked left to do to get back to the Skytrain station and head back into Burnaby. (I think my brother said we walked just over 15,000 steps, according to the app on his phone.) I’m so glad I was able to borrow a Sit & Stand stroller, because Isla wouldn’t have survived the trek back to the station.

20160514_132703 (1)

Sunday was our shopping day and we headed out to Ikea (conveniently only 10 minutes away from my grandpa’s) to BUY ALL THE THINGS pick up a few items. I bought a bookshelf for Norah’s room and some new dishes, as well as a couple odds & ends because Ikea. I was also able to meet up with Callie, which was wonderful as we don’t get to see each other very often! (Especially in her neck of the woods!) We all went back to the house afterwards for some lunch and then my grandpa dropped us off at the Skytrain station so we could hop on the train and head to Metrotown to do some more shopping!

Old Navy just so happened to have an amazing sale on baby and kid’s clothes (BOGO free!), so I stocked up on some summer gear for Isla and Norah. We also visited the Disney Store where Isla REFUSED to leave, (can you blame her?) and I got suckered into going to Lululemon by my brother:

Him: Don’t you want to go into Lululemon?
Me: I don’t really need to. I don’t need anything.
Him: Well, I want to look at shorts for running.
Me: Okay, fine. 
(I buy a new bag, my brother buys NOTHING.)

It was time to head back to the Skytrain, and that’s when the hilarity begins. First, we ask Isla if she needs to use the bathroom, which is at the complete opposite side of the mall from the Skytrain station. (Of course.) She says no, so we head towards to station. We get to the exit, and what is Isla doing? The potty dance. I walk/run allllllllllll the way back to the bathroom with her, then we walk/run allllllllllll the way back so we can get on the train. One just pulled up when we got to the platform, so we rush and get on the train only to realize after it takes off that we got on the headed in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of where we needed to go. Ugh. So we get off at the next station, get on the train going the RIGHT way, only to realize that we were on the train going to SURREY, not our stop. We rode that train until we couldn’t anymore, then FINALLY got on the train that would take us to the station where my grandpa was picking us up. Thankfully the Skytrain “regulars” could tell that we were total newbs and were so wonderfully helpful in making sure we got on the correct trains.

Needless to say, I was happy when my grandpa busted out the margarita machine when we got back!

20160515_143142 (1)

Isla would’ve rode the train all day if we let her.

Monday morning we loaded up the truck (which took some planning out due to all of our shopping) and we were on our way home. It was bittersweet leaving because we had such an amazing time, but the girls were starting to get a little restless and needed to get back to their normal schedule. They did SO well though – especially Norah – and neither one of them made me regret driving all the way down to Vancouver for a few days.

We can’t wait to do it all again next year!!

Weekend Update

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It sure was a gorgeous one in these parts.

My weekend started on Thursday:
It was my birthday! I turned the “magical” age of 29, so I suppose that’s the age I’ll be for the rest of my life now. ;) It was a fairly low-key day. I opened my present from Kyle (Apple TV!) while he was at work since I had it sitting on the counter and Isla reached up and grabbed it and started opening it for me, lol.


I went and had sushi for lunch with my dad & his girlfriend and in the afternoon my mom came and picked Isla up so Kyle and I could go out for dinner when he came home from work. I wanted to go to The Noble Pig, which is a brewhouse and a ridiculous place for a pregnant woman to want to go to, but they have deep-fried pickles that are SO amazing and what pregnant woman wouldn’t want those? I also had a virgin Caesar and a pulled-pork sandwich. SO GOOD.


We went to my mom’s for cake afterwards and that was pretty much my birthday! It was simple and perfect. I received a couple of gift certificates for pedicures (one from my mom and one from Kyle’s!) so I’m all set to have nice feet for when this baby comes.

Isla and I headed down to Langley to visit my friend Callie! She and Dave had bought a townhouse last fall and I figured I should probably visit and see their place before this baby arrives and I really had no time/energy to travel. It was my first long-distance trip with just Isla and I, but she was an excellent companion and only drove me crazy a couple times down & back ;)


We had awesome weather and an lovely visit! Callie and I watched movies and binge-ate junk food after Isla went to bed and it was great to just hang out and relax.

20150508_171818 20150508_170137

Isla and I got ready to head back home mid-morning after a delicious breakfast. She was a little ornery on the drive home but we survived! (Note: While she likes pointing out how big the mountains are, she does NOT like it when I sing “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.”) We got home mid-afternoon to find that Kyle was almost finished putting her new dresser together! Isla’s “Big Girl” room is now complete and it looks awesome. Now we just need to hang the curtains in the nursery and I can start really setting up for the baby to arrive.

Kyle’s aunt & uncle stopped by for a little visit that afternoon as well; they had a birthday present for me and it was good just to see them and catch up! They got me an awesome stone cookie sheet and an ENORMOUS cookie cookbook, so guess what I’ll be making a lot of in the future … ;)

Sunday, of course, was Mother’s Day! Kyle made me breakfast and we more or less set out on our day as per usual. I did some grocery shopping and Kyle did some repairs to our fence so Campbell will stop escaping. I went down to my mom’s for the afternoon with Isla and we had a nice, relaxing afternoon in the yard. Isla ran and played and then did some “swimming” in the hot tub, lol. (My step-dad turned the temperature waaaay down so it was like a nice, warm pool!)


After our visit there we met Kyle at his mom’s for Mother’s Day dinner with her, his grandma & grandpa, and aunt & uncle.

It was a busy weekend, for sure, and I now have a busy week ahead of me! At least all this busyness is making time go by fast; before I know it I’ll be going into labour, I’m sure. (Probably even sooner if I don’t slow down, ha!)

How was your weekend???

Moments of Motherhood: On travelling with a toddler

Today at the Am News, I talk about the joys of travelling with a 2-year old.

Here’s a snippet:

Travelling can be a stressful endeavor when you’re doing it all by yourself, or even with one other person. You have to plan out your trip accordingly to make everyone in the travel party happy: From the type of accommodation you want to stay at to where you dine, and what sights to see along the way.

However, when you throw a toddler into the equation, all reasoning goes out the window and is left on the side of the Coquihalla Highway. Forget blazing a trail with no pit stops and sleeping while someone else drives. Aside giving birth to them, travelling with your toddler can be one of the most eye opening experiences you’ll ever come across. [Continue reading …]