Moments of Motherhood: On travelling with a toddler

Today at the Am News, I talk about the joys of travelling with a 2-year old.

Here’s a snippet:

Travelling can be a stressful endeavor when you’re doing it all by yourself, or even with one other person. You have to plan out your trip accordingly to make everyone in the travel party happy: From the type of accommodation you want to stay at to where you dine, and what sights to see along the way.

However, when you throw a toddler into the equation, all reasoning goes out the window and is left on the side of the Coquihalla Highway. Forget blazing a trail with no pit stops and sleeping while someone else drives. Aside giving birth to them, travelling with your toddler can be one of the most eye opening experiences you’ll ever come across. [Continue reading …]


2 thoughts on “Moments of Motherhood: On travelling with a toddler

  1. Topher’s a good traveller, Ellie is a horrible traveller, and neither sleep well anywhere besides their own beds. We’ve taken a few trips with them but at this point anything longer than three hours of travel is just plain torture. If Nathan’s parents aren’t available to take care of the kids, we don’t go, plain and simple. I hope it’s easier when they’re a little older!!!



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