I’m a Slacker

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Now back to your regular programming:


I was feeling lazy/had a bad case of writer’s block last night and didn’t write up a blog post for today.  So, for today, I’m just going to pose to you this question, brought to you by Plinky.com.

“Describe the worst teacher you ever had.”

For me, university-wise, it’s a toss up between my 2nd year PoliSci prof. and one of my journalism teachers. The PoliSci prof. once made a girl cry (Melissa probably knows which teacher I’m talking about) and one of my journalism instructors was OBSESSED with apes and monkeys. (Melissa and Amber know who this is!)

That is all! I’d have something better for you, but I got called into work early and don’t have time to write anything good! In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for me around 3:00p.m. because that’s when Kyle’s going to have the home inspection done on our new place. Once that’s done and approved, we’re good! Yay!

It’s almost the weekend! :D

Monday Morning Quicky

So I woke up this morning and realized I didn’t prepare a blog post for today. Oops! Really, I got nothing but a few quick bullets.

– Daphne’s ear has been sure sensitive and sore lately and when I looked at it last night it was all nasty. A trip to the vet today or tomorrow is in store. :( At least I won’t have to pay emergency fees. Those are EEEK-PEN-SIVE.

– Kyle and I are slowly preparing to buy a house of our own! We made a list of everything we’ll need for our house as far as kitchenware and such goes. The list is actually quite short!

– A guy who went through the self-checkouts at the grocery store last night needed help and to get my attention, he called me “Waitress.” Umm, okay.

– I finally made my amazing muffins yesterday! Prepare for a tasty Friday Food post at the end of the week!

– I just realized that there are three computers in my living room, all working, plus my XBox. I’m pretty sure this is a household full of nerds.

– I’m loving the amazing summer weather that’s come around! It’s suppose to be about 26º C today! (That’s about 79º F for you south of the border!) I have the desire to shop for cute summery cloths and flip-flops.

And now, a random picture of my Mom’s cat, because he’s crazy:

Happy Monday! :)

Not necessarily “ha ha” funny

I’ve never been very good at playing April Fool’s day pranks. The best one I pulled what when I was maybe 7-years-old. You see, my dad worked 12-hour shifts and so he was always up and out the door by 6:30 a.m. I thought it would be funny to get up after everyone had gone to bed and pull a prank on my dad. I grabbed the saran wrap from the kitchen and put it over the toilet bowl. No, not the seat part that lifts up, but the cold, ceramic, “OH MY GOD I FELL IN” bowl. Well, my dad used that in the morning before work and he was less than impressed. I didn’t know until I was quite older how mad he was, but he never told me at the time. I guess he just knew that I got him really good.

That being said, I’ve never really been a fan of April Fool’s day, or pranks in general. I don’t mind the odd harmless joke, as in “Oh, I’m pregnant! Haaa, just kidding!” (Which is what Kyle things I should tell my mom this April Fool’s Day), but when my personal belongings are f-ed with, I get quite pissed. Hell, I get irritated when my pen at work goes missing. The roommate has learned not to pull pranks on me after he prank-called my office. (I hid his keyboard, however being the nerd he is, he had a spare.) I contemplated silly-stringing his car but really didn’t want the war to go on forever.

So yeah, I don’t find April Fool’s Day very amusing. I don’t even understand it fully. And what’s with the “It only happens until noon” thing? I never quite got that one either. Maybe I’m just a stick in the mud. Or maybe it’s just my inner bitter spinster. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Get off my lawn kids, and tell me What’s the best prank you’ve pulled, or had pulled on you?